Missed, Skipped And Flipped #4


Cousins – The Palm at the End of the Mind

This Canadian indie-garage duo are fucking great. They make a kind of demented surf-garage rock that can only be made in isolation. They have Led Zep-esque riffs, with flourishes of the Surfaris, but with melancholy lyrics. Played loud enough, its nigh on perfect!

Phoebe Kiddo – Artefacts of Broken Dreams

I made decisions based on dreams,” Phoebe Kiddo commented on her debut album Artefacts of Broken Dreams. And she’s not wrong, there is a lurid dreamlike quality to these audio panoramas. Recorded in random studios, using whatever they had, has definitely helped to keep this an eclectic album. The perfect listening situation is just while you’re drifting off to sleep, or on a long train journey as the countryside rushes past in a blur.

Yes Ma’am – Bless this Mess

This is epic! Live Cajun blues recorded live in the Living Room New Orleans. Sounding like Pokey LaFarge’s backing band on their day off, it’s just audio fun! In a world of over-production and auto-tune it’s refreshing to hear something recorded live with no effects. At the end of the day, there are two kinds of people: those that like a banjo solo and those that doesn’t. Better make your choice before the world ends as this might mean life or death…

Kitsune2 – Tracker’s Draft

Kitsune Squared return with a new album. It’s everything we’ve come to expect from the little mouse. Over the top, day-glo, retro-sounding, chip-tunes, dance music. The whole thing sounds like the Streets of Rage II soundtrack, but you know, more insane and multi-coloured.