Label Love #10: Crimes of The Future

"I think people are gonna give up actually making music and just look at pictures of each other's ' analogue ' equipment on Facebook."

Nothing shines brighter than reality. In the cold light of day when we all wake up from this internet slumber we'll all wonder what the hell we were up to for the past 10 years. Perhaps.

Anyway, Crimes of the Future is the focus of this, our 10th Label Love. Started by the great minds of Scott Fraser and Timothy J. Fairplay off the back of their most excellent of club nights under the same name, Crimes has been carving out its own niche for our ears for a little while and we're honoured they found time to have a chat to us.

Fraser and Fairplay both reside in the Scrutton St

bunker, a warren of studios helmed by a certain Andrew Weatherall… but then you probably knew that already. Timothy is also one half of the superb Asphodells with Mr Weatherall, who's album Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust was a mainstay in our aural cavities all through last year. Mr Fraser is no stranger to producing incredible pieces of wax himself. Recent output has seen him release on Bird Scarer (cor, that Life of Science was a cracker), Relish and Astro Lab and innumberable amazing remixes. 

We sat down with Scott and Tim for a chinwag about everything…

How did Crimes Of The Future come into existence, what is the ethos behind the label and what are its guiding forces? Who had the idea? – don't fight now.

We both said, let's start a techno label…
I think we both felt that it was something we really wanted to do as we were both coming from the same place musically, there was stuff we wanted to put out ourselves and there was other stuff we had heard from others that we felt would fit too There was something around the look and feel to the club that seemed to guide us too hence the fine artwork from Mr Jamie Patton. And really to be honest we felt we could trust ourselves with it as we are both making music every day. We also felt it needed to be about what we would play at a crimes night too (which was right across the board), that was really important.
It's just that thing of having at least a little more control over the stuff you put out, we know when something will fit on Crimes. Its deff not another film soundtrack influenced label (as has been some peoples reaction), its just named after a film. Neither is it another retro house label, snore I have always loved labels which have a broad sound, which surprise you with the things they release. 

How have things developed since you started? 

Scott Fraser: We are up to about 10 on the release schedule already, to be honest its just came along of its own accord…we have let it find its own way. 

Who or what was your biggest inspiration for taking things into your own hands?

Scott: What's the old adage.. Never trust someone in music with your music who is not making music?

How and where do you find most of the music for the label? Do they submit their work to you or do you actively seek new names?

Scott: 50/50 … there were some people who we really felt would be great (and they have all came on board thankfully) and we have also been sent some great stuff by people we really love… 
Tim Fairplay : Both really, we have been sent some great music, we are 100% open to so far unreleased artists I don't have a 'wish list' as lots of label owners seem to – thats why lots of labels just put out the same old shit, cos basically they just want to meet theirs heros .  

There have been reports that have described your artist Antoine Rouge as a "cult leader and spiritualist'. Do you have to be interested in cults to join the label? Is the label a cover-up for cult?

Tim: Antoine only says he's a cult leader as it's an excuse to wear caftans. 

Who or what influenced you to get into the music industry? What have been the most influential factors on your career so far?

Scott: Drums, Bass, guitars, singers… staying up late

What are your most and least favourite things about running your own label?

Scott: Getting to put out lovely music, hearing it loud in a club /  "This private track has been sent to 999+ people"

How did you go about choosing the logo and artwork for the label?

Tim: Well screens are still the future aren't they? 

You've recently released a free download of the Robocop inspired track, with so many films such as this being remade and reworked in recent years do you think it is more important to work with ideas from the past or to try and head in a completely new direction with music?

Scott: Robocop is Tim's department in every way Wil …..
Tim: Have we? I do wish they'd stop remaking those 80's films, its just laziness. I dunno really if its more important to work with ideas from the past or to try and head in a completely new direction, I kinda don't care I 'suppose, I'm to busy making music. I guess I kinda think its not such a problem that people wanna work with ideas from the past, its just they always seem to wanna work with the same old ideas from the past.

If you could sign one artist from throughout recorded musical history to the label, who would it be and why?

Scott: Man Parrish for the banter (I think I can possibly vouch for both of us agreeing here too..)
Tim: It varies on an day to day basis though right now it would probably be Ice T.
Scott: Sorry, forgot that…this week is Ice T week….

What's been relentlessly gracing your ear drums so far this year?

Scott: The gentle sound of tape hiss
Tim: Lots of stuff really, its a good time for music in my opinion. Really digging that Sagan Youth Boys record from the end of last year, St. Julien on Apron, R-Zone, Delroy Edwards, Steve Maxwell Von Braund 'Monster Planet', all sorts.
Scott: Yes, with Tim there. Delroy Edwards, the apron stuff, cliff lothar , nation, the Dixon avenue boys from Glasgow. I have been listening to a lot of electro again of late. It's very good out there at the moment.

What are your thoughts on the current state of independent records? Do you believe that there are enough opportunities available for people to be successful?

Scott: As vital and healthy as ever and…Yes. And of course as always, if  you enjoy what you do then people who like it will find it and buy it, and people who don't wont.
Tim: It depends what you mean by successful, if you put out good music it will sell, but you are never gonna get rich selling 500 12's. Everyone knows that's not why they do it though, they just feel they need to justify it. 

How do you fund your label? Are label parties important to keeping the whole thing afloat or do you do it purely through sales? 

Scott: Fortunately we have a great deal with a very supportive distributer in Juno. The club was before the label and we have always played in the same way. The interest in the label has been great and the parties came that way. We have taken the night to Belgrade and Tel Aviv recently with a load more exciting places on the horizon…. 

Where next for the independent music industry?

Scott: Nothing new I wager… dragged along kicking and screaming by talent, love and lack of money.
Tim: I think people are gonna give up actually making music and just look at pictures of each other's ' analogue ' equipment on Facebook. 

What can we expect to hear from you in 2014?

Scott: We both have a number of remixes due to drop the first one from me; Ellis Island Sound on Village Green and then one for Inhalt on Emotional Response. Some new material for Bird Scarer, A new EP for the label from me (it's coming Tim…) lots of DJ bookings both together and separately already in the diary… I am in Berlin this month and Paris in April amongst others (Kristina at Diet Clinic is looking after us both exclusively now) a couple of festival appearances I suspect.
From the Label: next up we have something from Black Merlin complete with a joint first remix together by me and Tim, we also have some other fantastic people lined up after that…. And back to the Glasgow residency at the Berkeley on the 22nd march… We want to do something in London again soon, so let's see.
Tim: Quite a lot I hope, there's a lot of remixes coming, a track on a V/A Comp on Voltaire, another 12" on Bird Scarer, another tape on 'Centurions of Rome', those two EPs on 'Work for love' should finally drop, a four tracker with Matilda on Crimes, & some other collaborations & pseudonyms. 

Anything else we should have discussed?

Scott: Great old man's pubs?

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Sound of the lonely city
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