Ivan Smagghe Says… Goodbye.


"Over the course of this weekend past, I pondered if my departure from the leadership of R$N had any influence on Corbyn winning the leadership of the labour party. Probably a direct effect. Count me in for the next general elections.

I liked the "guest editor" title a lot, I almost imposed it but it was hardly whiskey and leather sleeves at 5 am. Something that you may not know, is that all at R$N have other jobs, they do it "on the side", a bit like UNICEF. I made the mistake of thinking that about RA once (Christian will remember). So a massive thanks to Wil (or Wiloe as he's now known), Tropical Ally, Ian, Andrew, Cosmo and the rest of the crew for keeping up with Chug-gate, Marcel Kandi, "Lyon being the French Glasgow", Eric Kupper and mainly me going "what the fuck is this music" every 5 minutes.

To be fair, I think anybody with a few friends could have done this, you just need the right entourage: Vladimir, Nathan, Ziggy, Harold, Chloe of course… People who obey either one of two rules: good music/bad music being the only axiom when it comes to records; and as Harold puts it about writing, "as long as you don't talk about it but instead you talk about something personal, It's a touchdown" (Tonka has this tattooed on his back by the way). 

I hope you haven't learnt anything and will forget it all in a very short time. In the meantime, I'll walk home very slowly…."


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