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As winter approaches the releases continue to pour in thick and fast.

As a result we have had to recruit new employees, some you may know, some you may not. Ivan Smagghe continues to hang around our office on the regular, you might of thought he had some music to make or something but apparently not. It is my job to submit to him music and records to review. The results are what they are, tongue in cheek, honest and soetimes profound. Do take what you hear with a pinch of salt. This is Ivan Smagghe reviews…


I know Ally does not like it. He's not a trance boy our Ally. Or maybe a posh trance one. And this is not. I mean 'Shut It' is Dunks in a rave in Goa in 1992, when tempos were reasonable right? Maybe at least? No? Very borderline track which means I'll probably end up hammering it when in need of  tough easy going psychedelia. The same intention but with a "balearic feel" on Zona de Perigo doesn't work for me because the tie-dye is kind of designer.


What is it today. There seems to be something I like and something I don't like in every record Ally gives me. I kind of like 'DON'T DO IT' which should be called DO it as it's proper non sense. I'm not sure what they mean and am contractually not allowed to look about artist intentions through Google. I'll try and give you all the elements: modern contemporary glitches, a sample on a short loop, kind of jazzy drums, a huge kick, some post rock guitars and a bit of James Holden. I am confused. The other tracks don't help, it's that "scratchy sample" thing again. One even has spoken word samples from a movie, another one a pan flute. Strange.


"Ross from Friends"???? Really? 

Matt Wickings makes the money sign with his hands. Ally just woke up, I'll be 45 next week. I feel so old that I thought my headphones are broken. They aren't. I can't decide if it's a compliment. I've now decided it's a good name. I can't decide about the track though. My time machine has sent me back in a ford fiesta in 92 with a broken radio listening to some guys playing vinyl on a rainy roof. This sounds "pirate" but not as anarchist as Sotoffet. One way of putting it. The other way of putting it, you should know by now. "Dusty needle" and lo-fi snobism are alien to me so I'm non-committed, nor committing.


Ally loves this one, he just told me. I have an idea why: because it reminds him of times bygone than he never lived. Nu-Groove Stabs, Bird noises, Monk chants, light breaks, 808 and BLEEPS. This is the sound of the past for the youth of today? Or nostalgia for semi-retired ravers?  I feel like am floating in Oil of Olay and Vicks.White Jungle Screw.? Emotional Especial, or "Alphonse" know how to do pastiche (The Future Sound of Lyon??).  I suppose it's clever as Ally thinks it's a revival. I will not be responsible for breaking anyone's dream anymore. There's also someone called DJ NORMAL doing a VIbemIX. Yes, with a capital X. Very thorough those kids are. 


Ally may be right as I got confused between this and ALPHONSE. Hang on… a DREAM 2 SCIENCE remix? For real. Are they the "My Love Turn to Liquid" guys. Wow. Ok. I need to sit down. This was one of my favourite ecstasy record's when I was Ally's age.  So we are getting into more complicated territory here. I love Myth, it's wonky and weird. Fantasy is kind of great and Pris is even far-out (man). Then there is the DREAM 2 SCIENCE version, who do their thing very well considering I thought they were dead.

Thank you Ally for making me feel very old for my birthday week. Did you pick up your present, that record by 3 TEENS KILL 4. I now know why I wanted to give you this. Strangely, I now have Wil's Halloween costume in my head, a fairy unicorn version of Altern 8. Great times (they were) to live in…

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