Insomnia Music with Patrick Holland


The cloak of darkness is wonderful, it inspires fresh thoughts and a new perspective. Either that or you just get really tired and fall asleep… It all depends on which way you look at it really. No two individuals relationship with the night time are the same, some relish beneath the stars whilst others fear the black. 

Patrick Holland is a producer and dj who has an interesting relationship with the night, someone who suffers sporadic bouts of insomnia in small doses. He is perhaps best known by his recently denounced name, Project Pablo. For many years he has produced and released music for the likes of Technicolour, Spring Theory, Spectral Sound, Royal Oak, Magicwire and more. Now he is channeling a new element of his sound, focussing on exploring the crossover between that of the traditional "song" and electronic music,. 

This feature offers an insight into the late night playback patterns of some of our favourite musicians. Here's Patrick's…

"I was resting at home when I decided to take this assignment on and my first thought was, “I don’t have insomnia”. Three days later, while on tour in Paris, I was reminded that I was wrong. Though it may not be chronic, there are plenty of sleepless off-nights while travelling that fall out of memory when in the comfort of my own home. The only evidence of these nights is a youtube “liked videos” playlist that’s built up over the last few years. Here are some vids I have enjoyed or found during one of these nights."

Listen to a new track from Patrick HERE


Margie Segers - Kata Hatiku

A friend in Montreal uploaded this one. It’s light and pretty, and relaxes the late night stress of not being tired. I usually put it on loop.

  • Margie Segers - Kata Hatiku

    A friend in Montreal uploaded this one. It’s light and pretty, and relaxes the late night stress of not being tired. I usually put it on loop.

  • Mlo - Aqua

    A bit of a classic. This whole album is a joy to listen to, though “Aqua” seems to be the most calm inducing of the bunch. Also recommend the following track “Birds ‘n’ Flutes ‘n’ Shit”.

  • Xylon - Bizarre Planet

    Discovered this one during a late night trawl through discogs. Searching for beat-less trance b sides is always rewarding. This is the kind of music that plays in my head when tossing and turning, so it helps to actually listen to it, versus having my brain’s cover version repeat over and over.

  • Jack Jutson - Mother Official

    Another big go-to for calming any nerves. This one has saved me on many occasions. Most times I just put ear buds in, turn on the noise cancelling and listen to silence, but adding this album into the mix is a close second.

  • Tinkertoy - I Understand Why You Want To Move To Montreal

    Some more Canadian content here. My friend Braden showed me this tune. It makes me feel good, and excited about life. It also reminds me of home, Montreal, due to the title and the sound. I would love to find more tunes that exude such a warm feeling.

  • Snp 500 - Snp 500

    Some of the most exciting music to come out of Montreal at this moment. To quote the comment section, “illegally good… best tune to hit the net in a minute”. It helps my mind wander away from anxious thoughts about what I need to do the next day, into fictional territory as I drift off.

  • Fallen Angels - The Killer's Death

    With the help of Criterion Channel I finally watched “Fallen Angels” over the course of two long nights last year. When this song first played I gasped out loud: the cool ass vocalist, metallic percussion, perfect use of digital synths, and X-Files-esque outro… perfection. The movie mostly takes place at night, in a dream like state. Watching people stay up all night in movies helps me normalize the fact that I won’t be sleeping anytime soon.

  • Playboi Carti - Whole Lotta Neon

    No late night YouTube trawl is complete without listening to Carti leaks. Inspiration for days.