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For a long time SONNS operated beneath the surface of electronic music, organising parties and establishing a consistent presence amidst the Los Angeles underground. Alexandre Mouracade has been a disc jockey for some two decades now having launched the "Making Shapes" party, he has since made himself known on the international circuit releasing music both independently as SONNS and as part of the duo Split Secs alongside Travis Kirschbaum. He has appeared on a variety of labels including the likes of Machine Limited, Throne of Blood, Jolly Jams and Kompakt. It is the last upon which he has established a close relationship and is set to release a new EP this week alongside features from DJ Harvey collaborator Beesh as well as Marvin & Guy. 

We invited him to dig deep through the archives as he reflects upon a long winded history within dance music and beyond. Here are his formative influences…

Buy the release from Kompakt HERE

Xes Noiz - A3 (Untitled)

Dub fused techno at its best. Hard to pick my favourite track on this
release, every tune is a pleasuredome.

  • Xes Noiz - A3 (Untitled)

    Dub fused techno at its best. Hard to pick my favourite track on this
    release, every tune is a pleasuredome.

  • Chris & Cosey - Hazey Daze

    1985 was a big year for pop music and also a time when I liked most of
    it. This, however, I hadn’t heard for a few years later- going down
    the rabbit hole with Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV seemed
    inevitable when I started spending my weekends in record bins. This
    timeless album from the masters hasn’t left my bag since I purchased
    my first copy.

  • The Bionaut - Second Hand Furniture

    Lush Life Electronica might be my favorite electronic album of all
    time, from the name to the sleeve art to the music. One I’ve listened
    to at myriad after-party mornings and lazy afternoons. The subtleties,
    honesty and vibes that this timeless piece of music exerts is
    everything I love. The beat programming and mix its absolute class.
    Joerg Burger has made so many standout classics that blur the lines
    between pop to underground left-field music, he’s a true inspiration
    in every sense of the word.

  • Olivine - Close Up Over

    I remember where I was when I heard Bytes and Olivine for the first
    time. I was sitting in my friend’s living room at an ungodly hour
    examining the artwork like some weird science experiment. The amount
    of magic from Ed Handley and his collaborations wether it be Plaid or
    Black Dog Productions are countless.

  • Patrick Cowley - One Hot Afternoon

    Perfection from a true master. His synth playing, dubbing, effects,
    drum mixing the whole lot….doesn’t really get much better then this

  • Fantasy Three - It's Your Rock : Instrumental

    As far as dubbed out electro instrumentals this is absolutely top
    shelf. Aldo Marin’s remixing dubwork is perfection and you can tell
    how much fun they’re having at the console with it. The beats knock
    hard, flanged, phased tied in by the delayed panned vocals, nasty
    synth stabs and rolling baseline thats comes in n out through out. A
    masterpiece and true inspiration.

  • Bluejean's House Jammies - Paradise (Original Mix)

    Gene Hughes is a house music legend, massively underrated and gone way
    too soon. Bassline and beat expert. I love all his productions and
    would blind-buy any record he’s touched that I don’t already own. RIP

  • Stasis - Inside

    Steve Pickton is one of the most prolific electronic musician I’ve
    been following since I started collecting records. All his guises have
    a common thread in spaced-out lush pads. His beat programming and
    funky baselines have been a deep source of influence. Each time I’ve
    listened to his work it feels like I hear something new.

  • Tones On Tail - You, The Night And The Music

    One of my favorite bands all through school who still rings true
    today. I often referenced them when trying to start new bands or to
    meet fellow musicians to jam with. Daniel Ash is an incredible guitar
    player, singer and versatile producer. I recently met him as he was
    doing sound and DJing for a local biker bar in Ojai, California. He
    was the most humble, kind person i’ve ever met. A true lifer and rock
    n roller.

  • Cristian Vogel - Alien Conversation (2015 Remaster)

    The first Cristian Vogel album I bought was ‘Body Mapping’ which would
    always blow me away especially the tracks ‘Puss’ and ‘While You Sleep’. I loved all his early Mosquito Records works and collabs
    with Jamie Lidell. This tune recently resurfaced in my record bunker
    as we were listening to ‘Beginning To Understand’ from start to
    finish. Highly recommended!

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