Influences: K-Lone


Towards the tail end of last week Wisdom Teeth released K-Lone's debut LP, a beautiful assortment of tracks and polyrythms make up "Cape Cira".

The sound dotted across the album is somewhat of a departure from his stereotypical trademark sound which has often leant more towards dub and UK bass. It's always interesting to observe the rationale behind why a producer might choose an entirely alternative approach towards an album than that of an EP. In this case it comes from a number of key influences, some close to home and some from further afield. 

It's always impressive when an artist is able to express themselves in long form, even more so when they are confident enough to release the record via their own label. Wisdom Teeth is run by K-Lone and Facta. 

We invited K-Lone to guide us through his approach, referencing tracks which helped inspire "Cape Cira".

See below:


Aphex Twin - Ageispolis

This was a massive influence on my track “Honey” off the album. That catchy mid bass melody hits hard paired with that cheeky high synth.

  • Aphex Twin - Ageispolis

    This was a massive influence on my track “Honey” off the album. That catchy mid bass melody hits hard paired with that cheeky high synth.

  • Freeform Techno / Machine Jazz Demo - Steevio

    This video was probably one of the first times I’d heard about Euclydian Rhythms. Still have no idea about the majority of what he’s doing but it really inspired me rhythmically as well as trying to approach writing in a more live uncontrolled way.

  • Duckett - Jackdaws On Astroturf

    Still one of my favourite tunes of all time, one of the most talented and humble producers I know. Loved playing this at clubs, the chords in the middle really change the vibe of a room.

  • Duckett - Ghosts Of African Women

    Had to put another Duckett tune in as I don’t think I would have written anything like this if it hadn’t been for him. Love how it’s always hard to quite know where you are in the bars of this track.

  • Olof Driejer - Echoes From Mamori

    This track was a massive influence on the aesthetics of the album, many of the tracks were started directly after listening to this.

  • Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians

    Amazing piece of music which ties in with the polyrhythmic influences in the album. I think this resonates with a lot of electronic producers as it got a lot of the same components of techno in terms of repetition, arrangement and rhythm.

  • Don't Dj - Pornoire

    Amazing track by don’t Don’t DJ, very Steve Reich-esque, a great example of a how a 4×4 kick can make sense of crazy oscillating patterns.

  • Utopia Soundtrack - Cristobal Tapia De Veer

    One of the coolest soundtracks I’ve heard that creates a really distinct atmosphere to this Channel 4 series. Filled with bizarre tuned percussion and interesting uses of sampling.

  • Visible Cloaks - Mask

    The whole of this album in terms of sound design, coherency, harmony and some of the most polished production I’ve ever heard.

  • Jan Jelinek - Loop Finding Jazz Records

    Another big inspiration in terms of a coherent sound to the album. I think it almost sounds like a bit like Dub Techno Burial haha, shuffley out of time beats and crackly textures minus the Brandy vocals.