Influences: Frank Butters


Mysterious and devilishly talented, everybody knows Frank Butters.

Dance music bloody loves a good old fashion gossip, really, the only thing better than a great track is the rumour mill which surrounds the reveal of a flamboyant new alias. The identity of Frank Butters remains a mystery of sorts, we have yet to establish whether he is in fact a self starter or some mystery mogul who has been around the block for many a year. 

Anyway, that isn't the point. We've invited him along for the ride as he contributes to our ever expanding influences feature series and boy does he step up to the opportunity.

See below: 

This weekend Frank Butters will join the Not An Animal gang to celebrate their 2nd birthday. More details HERE

Aqua Regia - Pump Up The Led's To Red, Take Some Drugs And Shake Your Head

Off the wall acid from Italy which was regularly played on the local radio dance show in 91. I was obsessed by it’s madness.

  • Aqua Regia - Pump Up The Led's To Red, Take Some Drugs And Shake Your Head

    Off the wall acid from Italy which was regularly played on the local radio dance show in 91. I was obsessed by it’s madness.

  • Ozric Tentacles - Sploosh!

    From the album Strangeitude which is my favourite Ozrics LP. There are so many good tracks on it but this one in particular left its mark more than the others. I saw these play in 1994 and they did this live with a few variations thrown in and it blew me away.

  • Dilemma - In Spirit

    My favourite time clubbing since I got into dance music was 1990/91 when all the Italian piano tracks were getting hammered week in week out. I could name dozens that flicked that light bulb moment in me but this track in particular (which ironically has no pianos in it) defines that time for me perfectly.

  • Voices Of Africa - Hoomba Hoomba

    Massive end of the night track when this came out. I can remember having tears of joy in my eyes when this was played. Real feelings in a hot, sweaty and packed club.

  • Queen - Body Language

    One of the first albums I can remember buying in 1986 or so, I’d have been 11 years old and bought it on cassette which has sadly bit the dust years ago. I was obsessed with Queen and this album in particular whilst growing up and this song along with Back Chat and Staying Power were on constant rotation.

  • Mental Cube - Q

    What’s there to say about this, how anybody could fail not to be inspired by this is unimaginable too me. Energy, emotion and pure drive, the perfect dance track in my opinion tho admittedly this opinion is a tad swayed by the memories it brings back.

  • Virgo Four - Do You Know Who You Are?

    I certainly didn’t know who I was until I got into clubbing and this track for me was pivotal in gaining some understanding of what was out there for me. It was played very often and at the time I had no interest in even knowing what it was. I was 16 years old dancing to this amazing music pilled out of my mind and completely wrapped up in the moment, Pure emotion.

  • Ween - Buenas Tardes Amigo

    Just one track I could have chosen from many on Chocolate & Cheese. This album is so interestingly brilliant on so many levels.

  • Gfx - Eternal

    Another track which was regularly played on our local dance music radio show. It was made by a guy called Geoff Waterston who was from the local area too which made it even more special for me. Geoff was very talented and this is extremely well produced for the time but he only made a couple of releases sadly before focusing on his passion of music electronics so we never got a chance to hear what else he had up there. He went on to design and build the iconic ‘Orgon Systems Enigiser’ synthesiser so it’s not as it he got a job at McDonalds I guess.

  • Front 242 - Neurobashing

    From the album ‘Tyranny For You’ which I bought along with X101 – X101 from my friend Adam for £10 as he was short of some beer money. This was 1994 and I’d never heard of Front 242 till then so I’m eternally grateful for his liking for alcohol. It was a toss up between this which is my favourite from the LP or The Final Hour from the X101 album but this one won.

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