Influences: Cosmo Vitelli


Cosmo Vitelli has been mastering his musical craft for decades, yet he continues to remain humble and eager to discover. The DJ and producer has been running his boutique I'm A Cliché imprint for 15 years now, firing out releases from the likes of Red Axes, Moscoman and Runaway as well as his own productions, both solo and as part of Bot'Ox, the duo he operated in alongside Julien Briffaz. And let's not forget he was the man to first get his hands on Azari & III's seminal release 'Hungry For The Power' back in 2009…

Recently debuting on Berlin-based imprint Malka Tuti with the first in a two-part LP entitled Holiday In Panikstrasse, he fuses elements of krautrock, pop and electronica and exhibits a new maturity to his productions. We pin down the tastemaker to find out the tracks that have has the biggest influence on him.

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Seefeel - Climatic Phase 3

Classic dubbish shoegaze with a touch of electronica from the early 90s. I listened to the Quique album to death when it came out.

  • Seefeel - Climatic Phase 3

    Classic dubbish shoegaze with a touch of electronica from the early 90s. I listened to the Quique album to death when it came out.

  • Pram - In Dreams You Too Can Fly (1993)

    Same label, Too Pure, that I loved. Pram have always been super underrated. I saw them live a couple of times and I’d say they were somewhere between Stereolab – but coming from squats rather than art school – and Can. Kind of. I still love most of what they’ve done.

  • Alexander Von Borsig - Japanisch

    Bought this weird industrial yet groovy record by accident in Paris 20 years ago and it haunted me for years as I had no info about it (pre-internet ages). Alexander Von Borsig happened to be a teenager when he first released his music on tape and on this 12’’ in the very early 80s, and became active in the Berlin scene as an early member of Einsturzende Neubaten and Sprung Aus Den Wolken.

  • Judy Nylon - Room Without A View

    I was a big fan of basically everything Judy Nylon did, as part of this amazing no wave – the genre you use when you’re too lazy to describe something… also works with post punk – band or in solo produced by Adrian Sherwood on the Pal Judy album on On U Sound. I finally got to work with her on the two albums of my project Bot’Ox.

  • Impulse - The Prize

    I chose this lesser known track ‘Held’ produced by Zeus B. Of course he’s more famous for his work with Fashion or Gina X. No other producer sounded like him. If I could choose a producer I could sound like, it would probably be him. Or Martin Rushent. Or Adrian Sherwood. Or Trevor Horn. Or… Anyway, this track is not the best one of his, but the production is amazing and perfectly represents his aesthetic.

  • Dominique A - Ce Qui Sépare

    One of my favorite records ever since it came out 25 years ago. Bedroom synth-wave mixed with lyrical vocals in French – he almost sounds like French female singer Barbara. This record managed to create a strong and special connection with its listeners. It has a huge cult status in France.

  • Whodini -- Underground

    The genres I was the most into when I was 20 were early hip-hop, electro and freestyle. I could have picked so many gems from that era but ‘Underground’ is definitely in my Top five. I recently did a slight edit so I could play it.