Influences – Cosmin Trg


Auteur, aesthete, polymath, dilettante, Cosmin TRG releases on 50Weapons, Rush Hour, appears on !K7, Bpitch Control, Soma, Fabric, Ninja Tune.  He's also now the purveyor of his own label Fizic.

A singular voice, an idiosyncratic approach of Techno and a firm command of the dancefloor have turned Cosmin TRG into one of dance music's ubiquitous figures. Taking cues from 90s era leftfield electronics, warehouse techno, the pioneers of early lab recordings and minimal film scores, Cosmin TRG has created his own brand of modern, textural sonics in a contemporary context. He has a flair for abstract, low-end drum section methodology and a natural propensity for sculpting arresting soundscapes out of contrasting aural signifiers. 

We had the hounour of being able to ask him to talk us through his influences which have helped shape his sound. 

Cosmin Twitter

Cosmin TRG plays fabric Saturday 21st June. Full details

Basic Channel - Axis

This is the definition of Techno for me. This is past, present and future all in one.

  • Basic Channel - Axis

    This is the definition of Techno for me. This is past, present and future all in one.

  • Planetary Assault Systems - Haiku

    Eerie, repetitive, relentless – it has everything I look for in dance music. Even the strange Latin percussion that doesn’t really seem like a great fit actually works in the bigger picture.

  • Surgeon - Atol ( 1995 )

    Do you really need more than a drum track and a two-note melody? Not Atol (see what I did there…)

  • Orbital - Are We Here (Full Album Version)

    This is one of the tracks that got me into dance music properly. What a killer groove!

  • Automat - Droid

    A late ’70s electronic music masterpiece. Used to score loads of tv shows about “the future” – which I watched avidly in my childhood so the 2 are inextricably linked.

  • Substance - Relish (Original)

    A tune that never leaves my bag!

  • Maurizio - M 7 (A-Side)

    Still informing my style to this day!

  • Stravinsky: Le Sacre Du Printemps / The Rite Of Spring

    It’s hard to believe, but I used to play this every night before bed when I was a kid. I was a bit “special”. One of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written.

  • Ed Rush - The Raven

    Junglism! Couldn’t really leave this out.

  • Resilent - 1.1

    A Chain Reaction classic.