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Somewhere across the pond resides a newcomer with a penchant for the dreamy and the strange. Ambiance has just released a brand new EP on Duro, a homage to influences from far and wide. As a Nicaraguan artist living in Los Angeles he has observed a wide spectrum of music from a position of distant perspective, taking his time to form his own opinions and establish an identity all of his own. His new EP sits somewhere between post punk and new wave yet in flutters reminds of the golden era of disco in the big city. 

We invited him to take us through his musical heritage and the result is pretty special as he showcases and discusses the creative inspiration behind his sense of self.

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Breakin' Turbo Broom Dance

One of my first musical influences. This movie and this track. I remember just recording this track straight from the TV speaker on to a tape recorder. This stuff is forever ingrained.

  • Breakin' Turbo Broom Dance

    One of my first musical influences. This movie and this track. I remember just recording this track straight from the TV speaker on to a tape recorder. This stuff is forever ingrained.

  • Charlie Parker - Koko

    Well, Bird is my all-time favorite saxophonist and most inspirational hipster/punk, period. This track was on the very first jazz compilation CD i ever owned and it really stood out. A fearless master innovator…..I could talk about Bird all day, so i’ll stop.

  • Martial Canterel - Windscreen

    I was there! What i didnt know i was looking for when i moved to NYC. A master! I was going to these Weird Records underground shows, just losing my shit! One of the most talented and gracious geniuses I have ever met. Later we would play a show together and he could come and support the very first /AMBIANCE shows. One of the things I miss after leaving NY.

  • Funky Forest - The First Contact ~ Strange Scene

    Avant-garde Japanese films have always been a huge source of inspiration, especially in my formative years. Fearless film making is the name of the game. This particular scene is one of my favourites. playful and grotesque all at once. Crazy thing is, the entire film is bonkers!

  • Die Egozentrischen 2 - Der Materialist

    Felix Kubin has been one of my favorites for a long time. A true artist, making video, sound collages, performance etc etc. A link to the old/inspired Germany. Then I found his early work as a teenager and fell in love even more. truly inspired and enigmatic.

  • Santa Sangre Ear Scene

    Holy Holy Holy! Alejandro changed/mutated my life! I can’t even begin to share the admiration and love I have for this master; it just wouldn’t cut it. Read all his books and seen all his films and you should too. The reason why I believe in art. Yeah, he’s uncompromising. Yeah, he’s brutal. But…its all beautiful and healing. This is just one tiny scene from only one of his films yet its full of horror, poetry and beauty.

  • Chris "The Glove" Taylor,Dave Storrs & Ice T - Tibetan Jam (Instrumental) 1984

    As a kid I was obsessed with break dance and this track was the soundtrack to me and my other chubby friends just fake-breakin’…kids just spinning around, sweaty with no finesse. Now that I think about it, it was a great source of exercise though. Oh and its a fuckin’ hot track, para siempre kiddies! 808!

  • Ornette Coleman, Broadway Blues

    Ornette was one of the reasons I moved to NY. Ornette is the master Jedi. Ornette will always live in my heart. Ornette shall rest in peace. Ornette is everything. I had his number at one point and just wanted to tell him i loved him. But didn’t have the balls then. I don’t regret it. I know he would understand and we have made peace. Also, Dewey Redman who i got to see perform a couple of times before he passed. Rays of light!

  • Black Meteoric Star- No Map

    Gavin Rayna Russom is one of my favorite NYC artist. Pulling no punches. An onslaught and brutality of sound. Hard and Psychedelic. A true experience live. Also very generous and supportive. I cherish the early BMS records she gave me.

  • Suzanne Ciani - "The Fifth Wave: Water Lullaby" (1982)

    An electronic lullaby as only a woman can create. soothing and nurturing. I’m over the male domination of dance/electronic music. Suzanne is a reminder of the importance of women’s contribution to electronic music in all forms…be it musical, sound design, sonic branding etc etc. her music inspires me, calms me and grounds me. One of a kind.

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