In Pictures: Bloc. Halloween Special


Halloween saw the renaming of Autumn Street Studios in celebration of the resurection of Bloc. Festival at it's old Minehead home next year. The night saw a suitably dark and mechanical line-up of Actress, TR\ER, Truss and Tessela take to the stage in the dimly lit warehouse. 

When I arrived and weaved my way through the throbbing crowd, Actress was already deep in concentration, busy behind a sea of buttons manipulating sounds and forming estranged soundscapes that weren't all too easy to dance too. (Although that didn't stop people trying!)

Halloween fancy dress didn't seem to be top of peoples agenda at Bloc., it was clear everyone was there for the music and the atmosphere  – a trait that Bloc.'s nights are well renowned for. 

Following Actress, Truss and Tessela were next to the stage with their new live show TR\ER. Turning it up a notch from Actress, the Russell brothers brought with them a strong rhythm and mechanical synths, getting the friendly warehouse crowd bouncing into the early hours. 

After their energetic live show, Truss and Tessella went back to back for a set that delved deep into the darker relms of techno and kept the crowd dancing until they got let loose into the mild winter morning.