Iglooghost X Toby Gale – Honey Soaker


Is Honey Soaker a term of abuse or flattery? Chances are we’ll never know. In a weird way, I don’t really care as I’m going to start using it to describe anything that is slightly Day-Glo, upbeat, synthy or generally amazing. Luckily all these things make up possibly my favourite collaboration of the year – Iglooghost and Toby Gale’s new addition to the Activia Benz ilovesingles.club series.

So far this year Iglooghost has been responsible for two of my favourite releases. Firstly, his solo outing for ilovesingles.club 'Inca Cheekbones'. It was two and a half minutes of blissed-out breakbeats, glitched samples and childlike samples, all drenched in loving technicolour that can only be attained by eating too many Percy Pigs and quaffing a litre of Cherry 7up. Then he teamed up with Mr. Yote for the Milk Empire EP. Two tracks over twenty four minutes of forward-thinking bass music. Toby Gale is no slouch either, as last years The Good of the Night release proves. It was seven tracks of lurid ambient dreamwave electronica, the likes of which we’ve not heard for a long time.

'Honey Soaker' is the perfect match of these contrasting mavericks. Gale supplies layers of ethereal wool synth texture for Iglooghost to fit inside the parameters of his rigid, acid washed breakbeats and cartoon-like vocal shenanigans. Basically it’s the sound of being hit in the face with a fully pumped up SuperSoaker 100 full of glitter and flumps while someone films it for YouTube while auto-tuning you before uploading it. Yeah, well… Honey Soaker!

'Honey Soaker' is out now – grab your copy here.