Hot Air: Episode #5 Fred P Talks To Joe Europe


Fred Peterkin is a man of many names; best known for his work as Fred P he also releases under Black Jazz Consortium, FP-Oner, FP197, Anomaly, the list goes on. But no matter what name he picks for each project there’s an unmistakable sound that runs across all his work, and that sound is born from a passionate and unending dedication to underground house music. Hailing from New York City Peterkin has released an impressive number of records over the past decade working with labels like Jus Ed’s Underground Quality and Mule Music alongside his own imprint – Soul People Music. And, while his style is deeply rooted in house music, he is by no means limited to the genre. As well as producing, he’s also a natural DJ who blends expertly applied craft with a simple musical intuition that can’t be taught. With an album under his Adventures of Captain P moniker dropping soon, and him passing through London to play Oval Space, we jumped at the chance to meet up with him in his hotel room and find out what makes him tick.

Listen to the podcast, brought to you courtesy of Rode microphones whom without this would never have been possible…



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