Hot Air Episode: #32 Auntie Flo Talks To Joe Europe


Welcome to the Hot Air Podcast for the Ransom Note. This time around I caught up with an artist who I’ve been following for some time now, but every time I hear some new output there’s always something there that’s fresh and surprising. Brian De Souza, better known as Auntie Flo, hails from Glasgow, and the city’s rich electronic music history is deeply engrained in his psyche. Originally embarking on a path rooted in house and techno, Brian quickly expanded his musical horizons to incorporate sounds and textures from all corners of the globe, pushing this broader pallet in his productions, and also via his long running club night Highlife. With a new album having just dropped on Brownswood, I stopped by his north London flat for broad ranging chat in his kitchen over a nice cup of coffee. We delved deep into his formative years growing up in Glasgow and talked about the process of putting the album together, but we started off with some surprising alternative meanings for his artist name. 

Listen to the podcast, brought to you courtesy of Rode microphones whom without this would never have been possible…

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