Hot Air Episode: #31 Intergalactic Gary Talks To Joe Europe


Hello and welcome to another edition of the Hot Air podcast for the Ransom Note. This time around I spoke to a DJ who has dedicated his life to music since the early 80s. John Scheffer is a quiet and unassuming guy from The Hague, and you probably more likely to know him by his long term moniker Intergalactic Gary.

From his early days buying glam rock records back in the late 70s, John has immersed himself in collecting music, and began DJing in clubs in Holland in the 80s. But, he’s never been one to jump on the latest trends, and he’s always very much followed his own path. After he hooked up with I-F in the 90s and begun putting out twisted electro records as Parallax Corporation, Scheffer’s DJ career slowly began to blossom, and these days he’s travelling the world bringing his unique blend of warped disco and techno to dancefloors on a regular basis. With John coming to London to play Hypnodrive at Rye Wax on the 28th September, I caught up with him to chart his long and varied career. It was great to pick his brain about the early days of disco and Italo in the Netherlands, and he has a great story about how acid house finally took hold after a somewhat uncertain start.

Listen to the podcast, brought to you courtesy of Rode microphones whom without this would never have been possible… 

Intergalactic Gary plays Hypnodrive at Rye Wax on Friday 28th September. Grab tickets HERE