Hot Air: Episode #3 Posthuman Talk To Joe Europe


The history of electronic music is littered with a collection of big names and stars that the media portray as crucial figures in the development of dance culture. But, for every one of these lauded figures, hundreds of more talented and more dedicated players are working day and night at the coalface providing an arguably more important contribution.

Josh Doherty and Rich Bevan, AKA Posthuman, are the epitome of these coalface workers. With a career dating back to the mid-90s, Josh and Rich have released countless records, put on countless parties and run numerous labels but all without any hint of jumping on bandwagons. In 2007 the pair created the I Love Acid parties which later became a label of the same name. With both of these going from strength to strength, we felt like it was the perfect time to catch up with Josh do discuss all things Posthuman. 

Listen to the podcast below, brought to you courtesy of Rode microphones, whom without this would never have been possible…

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