Hot Air Episode: #28 Red Rack’em Talks To Joe Europe


Hello and welcome to another edition of the Hot Air podcast. This time around we bring you a conversation with Danny Berman, better known as Red Rack’Em. Danny’s been in this game for over a decade now, steadily plying his trade tracing the lines between house music and broken beats. But a couple of years back he had a huge hit with his track Wonky Bassline Disco Banger, which became the unexpected smash of the year, and was the biggest selling dance vinyl of 2016. Now, while he was already earning his living off DJing, that record sent him on a trajectory that saw him playing all over the world doing three shows a weekend, and spending his life hopping from one flight to another. In this conversation we took an in depth look at the ins and outs of the higher echelons of the music scene, and I loved how open and honest Danny was about the way this made him see the world, and the effects this had on his mental health and wellbeing. Having just moved back to the UK after an 8 year stint in Berlin, it was great to chat with Danny tracing his musical and emotional journey, and to hear his enduring enthusiasm for music still shining through.

Listen to the podcast, brought to you courtesy of Rode microphones whom without this would never have been possible…

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