Hot Air Episode: #26 Warlock To Joe Europe


Jason Alexander, better known as Warlock, has had a love affair with dance music going back to his time growing up in the small town of Stafford in the late 80s.

When he moved back to his native London to study, he quickly immersed himself in rave culture, starting his own DIY pirate radio station. From there he progressed to more established stations and before long he was a regular fixture at raves and clubs up and down the country. While he started out in the breakbeat-hardcore scene, Jason’s restless search for new music saw him often switching genres, taking in Jungle, gabber and techno in a process that saw him continually reinventing his sound, while many around him stayed entrenched in one particular scene. I caught up with Warlock in his south London studio to drink coffee and delve into his long and varied history at the forefront of the music he loves. Jason was instantly warm and friendly, and I was struck by just how many great stories he has about his time in the game, in particular his story about Arthur, the lock picking hermit who rented them a room in his council flat to run a pirate station.

Listen to the podcast, brought to you courtesy of Rode microphones whom without this would never have been possible…

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