Hot Air Episode: #25 Marcos Cabral To Joe Europe


Hello and welcome to another episode of the hot air podcast for the Ransom Note. This time around we bring you a conversation from the exceptionally talented DJ and Producer Marcos Cabral. Marcos is probably best known for his many excellent releases with Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. records, but that’s only part of his story. His discography is deep and varied, with releases going back to 2003, and he’s been a key player in the rave scene in his native New York for even longer. This episode is short but sweet, and we cover some pretty varied territory including his early days as a teen disco DJ in a holiday resort, to running raves in his loft apartment in upstate New York, and the highs and lows of balancing a day job with a career in music. Marcos has just dropped a new record on Dimensions, which really showcases the breadth of his production style, so make sure you check that out.

Listen to the podcast, brought to you courtesy of Rode microphones whom without this would never have been possible…

Follow Marcos Cabral on Facebook HERE. Buy the new release on Dimensions HERE

Dimensions Recordings is the brainchild of Dimensions Festival, taking place this August – September, grab tickets HERE 

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