Hot Air Episode: #24 Dj Storm Talks To Joe Europe


Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Hot Air podcast. This time around we have a conversation with a very special DJ who, over the years, has had a huge impact on not only the Drum & Bass scene, with which they are mainly connected, but on electronic music as a whole. But, as well as this, our guest today played a big part in my own journey and was hugely influential on me as I was first getting into dance music many years ago, so this is a very special one for me on a personal level too.  
Jayne Conneely, better known as DJ Storm, was one half of the iconic duo Kemistry and Storm who were at the forefront of the scene that became known as Drum & Bass. As we will hear they met at college in the small provincial town where they grew up but the friendship they built went on to become a working partnership that would see them co-found the seminal label Metalheadz with Goldie and become two of the most prominent DJs in the scene. When Kemi sadly passed away after a car accident in 1999, Jayne had to rebuild her career after losing her closest friend. After lots of blood sweat and tears, DJ Storm is going from strength to strength, once again is topping bills all over the world.
After all her years in the game I was struck with the level of love and enthusiasm Jayne still has for this music. She was instantly warm and friendly, and had so many stories about her journey from her early days in Kettering, through to moving to London, playing pirate radio, the birth of Metalheadz and loads more. I just want to thank our friends at Rye Wax in Peckham, who kindly gave us a space to record, so shouts to you guys for that.

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