Hot Air: Episode #2 West Norwood Cassette Library Talks To Joe Europe


As we approach the month of December it seems fitting to reflect on the nature of longevity. This year has flown by awfully fast and very soon we will be entering 2017. There seems to be more new labels emerging every week and the electronic music scene is vast and sprawling. It is important to reflect on the importance of those who have shown commitment over time. 

One of the cornerstones of British electronic music has always been the melting point created by different musical styles from different cultures all rubbing up against each other on our tiny little island in the North Sea. A good example of this can be found in the output of Bob Bhamra's West Norwood Cassette Library. Initially focusing on wanting to put out his own take on dubstep the label quickly morphed and expanded to encompass pretty much every aspect of UK dance music.

Listen to the podcast, brought to you courtesy of Rode microphones whom without this would never have been possible… 

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