Hot Air Episode: #13 Noncompliant Talks To Joe Europe


If you’re a keen techno head then the chances are that you’ve encountered the sounds of DJ Shiva, AKA Noncompliant on a dancefloor recently. I first came across her work via her excellent EP on the Valance imprint recently, and that spurred me on to dig into her back catalogue and I quickly became a bit of a fan boy.

Hailing from the backwaters of Indiana, Lisa Smith’s career goes way back, with over 20 years behind the decks and now around 10 years in the studio. I was super excited to chat to Lisa and delve into her rich and colourful past, talking about her early love for Duran Duran, her days running DIY Punk shows in town parks and some fantastic stories about the American mid-west rave scene. As her Noncompliant moniker implies, Lisa is not afraid to mince her words, and we definitely try to put the world to rights on a couple of occasions. 

Listen to the podcast below, brought to you courtesy of Rode microphones, whom without this would never have been possible..

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