Hot Air: Episode 1 Feat. Rye Wax


Ransom Note enters the world of conversation as we launch our new Podcast series with our very own Joe Europe. Episode one is brought to you by Rode Microphones…

South London's musical history goes way back but, over the last couple of years, one of the cornerstones of the scene has undoubtedly been Rye Wax. Part record shop, part music venue, part taco joint, the multifaceted organisation situated in the basement of the Bussey Building seemed to become one of the key creative hubs in Peckham almost as soon as it opened its doors. Right from the get go the Rye Wax team focused on pushing local artists, labels and parties which has given the shop a strong sense of community. But, as they mark their second birthday, has it been a smooth ride so far and what is it like to operate in a climate of club closures and tight profit margins? On a sticky night in August Joe Europe sat down with the shop's management team to chew the fat, discussing setting up the shop, the ever-changing musical landscape and watching football with Egyptian Lover.

Listen to the podcast, brought to you courtesy of Rode microphones whom without this would never have been possible… 

Track Credits:

1.    FYI Chris – Dedication (Rhythm Section International)
2.    Nick Araguay – Livin Large (Peur Bleue)
2.    FYI Chris – Need I Say More (Rhythm Section International)


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