Here’s A Song Composed By Artificial Intelligence In The Style Of The Beatles


So Google's Magenta program got beaten by Sony. At Moogfest, Douglas Eck, a researcher on GoogleBrain (brrr) declared on the TensorFlow/Magenta project: This is no simple task, given that even the most advanced artificially intelligent systems have enough trouble copying the styles of existing artists and musicians, let alone coming up with entirely new ideas themselves. Eck admitted this during a panel discussion, saying that AI systems are “very far from long narrative arcs.”

This was their pathetic result:


Is a Beatles song a "long narrative arc"? I certainly don't think so. Sony CSL research lab certainly don't either. The Flowmachines software just copies from a huge database of songs, in a way, it functions a bit like your plastic house producer using sample packs in Ableton. Only it learns. And strangely sounds like The Mike Flower Pops remixed by Aphex Twin. I kind of like it.

Or, not as good, in the style of Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin and Cole Porter:

Now the great news is: Sony will release an album of AI POP in 2017. Great times to live in.

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