Fridge Magnets: 6 Music


Fed up with that relentless enthusiasm? The endless trailers telling us how much they love music? The constant reminders how they got a record ages before anyone else (mainly because a record company plugger sent them a copy of a record BECAUSE THAT'S THE WAY IT WORKS)? The name dropping, over and over and over, reminding us how their pals in indie rock are lovely blokes? The house music tokenism? The belief that the only disco records EVER were all made by Nile Rodgers? Well, we've saved you the time of actually listening to 6Music by putting together this handy list of oft-repeated phrases. All you have to do is drop these titbits in between records by Blur, Oasis, Elbow and Hot Chip. Once a day play "something funky" and Lazy and hey presto 6Music, without the regional accents.

Tim Murray