Four Tet Reveals Surprise Name Change


Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet sheds his quadrilateral alias as he looks to further advance his sonic spectrum by adopting a new pentagonal name; the brilliant Five Tet.

There’s a lot of speculation on social media surrounding the name change, with many thinking it’s an unnecessary increase in name number, while others are firmly behind the Facebook announcement he made earlier this morning.

Floating Points, a close friend of Five Tet, declared support for the name change saying, “I nearly changed my name once, but was too scared. Good on ya, Kizza.x”

During the 700 word Facebook post revealing the death of Four Tet and the birth of Five Tet, Hebden briefly explained that, “The primary reason here is that five is greater than four. I’ve always liked five, and I think people will understand that.”

But for some fans that wasn’t enough, with one commenting that, “The Pythagoreans thought of five as 'hieros gamos', the marriage between heaven and earth. Five is the number of balance. There are five senses and you have to follow those, right?”

Whereas another replied with, "Nah mate, its jus 1up. 5s gud man yeh."

Hebden also revealed that a new record is already on its way. The five-part album High Five is the follow-up to last month's New Energy, and is set to be released across five consecutive months on the 5th day of each month. 5% of profits will go to five charities of Hebden's choosing.

Five Tet will play the remaining five gigs of the year under his Four Tet alias, with his first Five Tet gig taking place on NYE in Fife.

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