Drama Parlour’S Music To Cut Hair To #9


Well Mr Craig Christon is a ‘new’ friend to my gang. We met in Croatia and it’s like we have always been mates. Both Virgos. Both hairdressers. Both LOVE music.I feel emotional. When he played at UltraDisko Radio’s 1st birthday and took the roof off. My conclusion: VERY GOOD NEW MATE.

When were you at your happiest?

Today, tomorrow, yesterday, last week, this week, im happy all of  the time im happy to say. 

What’s your greatest fear? 

I fear nothing.

Who do you admire?

People in my life that care about each other and help each other out. Simple. 

What trait do you deplore in yourself and other people? 

Deplore is a strong word but in myself I can be quite anal about fine detail. Fine detail is essential for me as im a virgo. I try to find perfection in most things and my favourite saying is:  "If you want a job doing right do it yourself" It says it all really, I wish I could change this trait but a leopard can't change its spots, another one of my sayings .. What I deplore in people is dishonesty , bull shitters , arrogance people that do half a job. People that are un sincere I have no time for too. Life is too short ….

What’s your worst habit?

I have a few but my worse habit is knowing when to stop. 

Favourite word? 


Who would you like to say sorry to?

Everyone that I have upset along the way.  I have been on this planet for 45 years and I know I can be a lovable rough at times and my intention is to not upset anyone but it has been known. Sorry not sorry..

Who do you despise?

No one im here to spread love. 

Who or what is the love of your life?

My two sons Cole and Luca, my other half Laura, my friends, my family and off course music. Lots of love in my life. 

What would improve your life?

A big fat lottery win. I could then live the life of a king ,travelling the world buying all those records that are out of my price range on discogs. Set up my dream project in a beautiful part of the world. A plot of land by the beach for my own bar with a yoga retreat for Laura a football pitch for Cole and Luca and a big comfy chair at the end of the bar next to the decks for me to play records all day in the sunshine whilst my good friends sunbathed all day. Dreams.  

What’s your greatest achievement?

Being a dad to my children. Still being alive is another one. As some of you know I have hedonistic tendencies that have nearly killed me on one occasion. I have achieved everything I intended to achieve. I won't bore you with a list.  

What keeps you awake at night?

Hahaha we all know what keeps us awake at night. Like I said I need to know when to stop.  

How would you like to be remembered?

As someone that brought fun and laughter into your life from when our paths crossed…

What lessons has life taught you?

Trust your instinct, love the people that love you back, don't eat yellow snow.

What would your super power be?

To heal the cancer in the world. 

Favourite smell?

Eccentric molecules its the fragrance that I wear.

Who would play you in a film?

If Ray Winston was a yorkshire man then that would do for me,  whos the daddy ?

Tell us a secret: 

There is no more Joes Bakery or Outlaws Yacht Club for me but there is a new project coming in 2016.  I have found the perfect space to do what I do best,  throw some parties with my own twist on things and doing things a little bit differently. Expect live art and  amazing music you have never heard before.  Follow THIS LINK and get signed up for more information …. sshhhhhhhh. 

Catch Craig Christon HERE