Drama Parlour’S Music To Cut Hair To #14


This is how I picture Ryan when I think of him.. and the laugh that goes with it.

We’ve been friends for 10 years now and I’d hate to think of him not being part of it. All of it. He brought cave raves and messy mornings off in style…plus so much more. A true maverick of Ibiza. The good bits. The best bits. The best of the wrongest bits. He is a man true unto his self…I honestly believe his life lessons are the best I have ever read. Everything I second wholeheartedly.

When were you at your happiest?

When I was behind some turntables and a big sound system… probably in a cave,

What’s your greatest fear?

Failure, obscurity, old age, maybe just running out of time.

Who do you admire?

Anyone selfless and kind and anyone who realises their dreams, people with integrity. 

What trait do you deplore in yourself/ other people?

In myself laziness, in others hypocrisy, self-importance and dishonesty.

What’s your worst habit?

Being grumpy.

Favourite word? 


Who would you like to say sorry to?

No one.

Who do you despise?

Anyone who preys on the weak and people with no respect.

Who or what is the love of your life?

My girlfriend, my family, my friends and my music.

What would improve your life?

A fuck load of cash.

What’s your greatest achievement?

I’m not sure it’s an achievement but I’m very proud of the experiences we gave people through our free parties.

What keeps you awake at night?


How would you like to be remembered?

Not fussed.

What lessons has life taught you?

Enjoy the now, let go of your attachments, never apologise for who you are, be honest, be kind and be brave. Nobody knows what they are doing, even if their social media leads you to believe they do, don’t believe anything on social media, in fact don’t believe most of what people tell you, read between the lines. There’s no right or wrong time of day to start drinking but it’s good to know when to stop. Travelling is always a good idea so is fucking. Reading is a good idea as is exercise. If someone starts a sentence with “honestly” or “trust me” then they are a liar and don’t. Never trust a man who can’t look you in the eye. Don’t trust overly happy people either, they are probably hiding something. Never ever trust anyone who doesn’t like reggae. If you put stuff in the same place then you never loose it. Everything is better in the sunshine.

What would your super power be?

Mind control could be fun.

Favourite smell?

Napalm in the morning.

Who would play you in a film?

Morgan Freeman.

Tell us a secret?

Donald Trump is a ….

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