Disco Bloodbath Top 10 of 2012


The lovely folk at Disco Bloodbath have put together a top 10 of 2012 (5 each) ahead of their party with Optimo this coming Saturday. Plenty good stuff…..  

Whitey – People
Nathan J Whitey came back from wherever he's been & put out his new album 'Lost Summer' via Bandcamp in May. 
This is my favourite track from the album. Dark & paranoid. Ace.
Hungry Ghost – (I am a) series of Strange Loops
A 14 minute, psychedelic, magic carpet ride on the consistently brilliant International Feel record label from Uruguay.
The Crystal Ark – We Came To (dub mix)
The bass line gets me every time, it's so murky & deep, you get totally lost & locked in to it.
Kolombo – Don't Be Shy
Sounds like 4am in a very dark basement.
Soft Rocks – Talking Jungle (Justin Vandervolgen remix)
This lovely modern Disco track lifts the dance floor up & gets everyone smiling. Easily my most played tune this year.
Trevino – Derelict
It's hard to choose between this and 'Backtracking' as my favourite of Drum & Bass veteran Marcus Intalex's forays into house and techno production. They're both huge but this just wins for me by virtue of raw energy.
Crooked Man – Machine
This could be any of DJ Parrot's Crooked Man productions from this year, including the ace remix of Al Gobi 'Halfway House' that we're about to release on Disco Bloodbath Recordings. This one wins by virtue of sounding like, to paraphrase a friend, "….an amazing Kraftwerk record with a black man singing over it.".

Lauer – Tentatious (Runaway Remix)
The combined magic of Lauer, Marcos Cabral and Jacques Renault on the ever consistent Running Back. I've played this loads this year.
Italo Johnson – Volume 5
These guys have had a massive year and the B-side of this 12"s is pure dancefloor devastation. As soon as the bassline kicks in it's over.
Simoncino – Mystic Motion
L.I.E.S.  is probably my label of the year and Simoncino is up there with my favourite producers of recent times. Can't lose really!
Disco Bloodbath host Optimo this Saturday.