Dillinja – Influences


Dillinja is the guv'nor. Anyone with even a passing interest in UK dance music will have raved to one of his wild, percussive explosions, from Metalheadz classics Deadly Deep Subs and The Angels Fell, to the insane pitched mayhem of Twist Em Out, the bass pressure of Grimey and It Ain't Too Loud right up to Time For You – his recent excursion into soulful vocals and clattering rhythm. The key to Dillinja's sound has always been his past steeped in soundsystem culture. It was this past that inspired him and Lemon D to build their Valve Soundsystem- officially the world's biggest drum n bass soundsystem, and, in one of it's earliest incarnations, far and away the loudest rig this scribe has ever heard. However, this soundsystem heritage doesn't only show itself in Dillinja's ownership of his own collection of speaker boxes – his music is steeped in the bass of reggae, the melody of 80s soul, and the robot percussion of electro. It comes as no surprise that these genres make up the tracks on his influences list, as Dilly picks 9 tracks with the blueprint for the British dance culture pulsing right through them.

You can catch DIllinja teaming up with that other jungle legend Congo Natty, dubstep pioneer Mala, and Scottish reggae selectors Mungo's Hi-Fi, at the Soundcrash Autumn Showcase, at the Forum on October 25th. More info and tickets are over here

Mantronix King Of The Beats 12 Inch

This one was a absolute treat for all breakbeat lovers.

  • Mantronix King Of The Beats 12 Inch

    This one was a absolute treat for all breakbeat lovers.

  • Fabian - Prophecy (Limited Edition)

    Big bass inspiration from this one. Imagine me at 15 absorbing the bassline while standing next to Shaka’s soundsystem.

  • Milton Wright * Keep It Up

    80s red bulb groove always goes down a treat.

  • Tom Browne - Funkin' For Jamaica

    The vocals at the end kill me all the time.

  • Man Parrish - Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don't Stop) [Hq]

    Serious Dog barking b-boy shit.
    One of the best electro tunes ever made.

  • Warp 9 - Light Years Away

    Love the the deep space groove and 808 kit on this one- classic.

  • Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real (With Lyrics)

    Vocals are just ridiculous.

  • Jolly Roger - Ulysses.Avi

    The pitching up and down bass on this is lovely, reminds me of jumping jack frost.

  • Lfo - Mentok 1

    One if the sickest bass tunes ever made.
    The bass is fucking rotten.