Bullion – 8 Morning Tracks


Mornings are a terrible punishment inflicted by a vengeful God. Bleary eyed stumbles through half remembered dreams about Alan Sugar running a paint factory staffed by Moomins. Until you've choked down three cuppas and a jaffa cake, all communication is reduced to a gutteral grunt. Ggggguuhhhhnnn. Like that.

But tomorrow morning, everything is going to be a lot better! We've got a playlist of morning music, 8 tracks to sooth the troubled brow of the recently roused beast, gifted to us by Bullion. You should know Bullion by now – his addled palette of electronic pop could wobble the sea legs of a seasoned sailor and his recent releases have done that most magical thing; sounded both strangely familiar and like nothing you've ever heard. He even upped the obscurity ante by picking a track that isn't anywhere online, Tom Newman's Will You Be Here In The Morning, of which he wrote

"I love his nasal harmonies – sounds like a chorus of gnomes. Call me naive but English pop needs this spirit back – endless dark and no light is rubbish."

Makes sense to us…. 

After listening to the tracks Bullion has pulled together, pull yourself back into the here and now and check out his latest, the excellent Rooster EP, available on Greco-Roman/DEEK from right over here

The Idle Race - Morning Sunshine

Simple but smart changes and just enough of them to keep the emotions high. It’s got power, too, in those drums.

  • The Idle Race - Morning Sunshine

    Simple but smart changes and just enough of them to keep the emotions high. It’s got power, too, in those drums.

  • China Crisis - "King In A Catholic Style (Wake Up)"

    Parts playing off each other to make this groove so well. It’s got that English cheek I love, fun guitar solo, and vocal rhythm as natural as you need.

  • Mid Day Rain -- Friday Mourning ( 1970, Psych Pop, Usa )

    Dark content and it shows. Pure imagination and feeling in abundance, it keeps moving and in the same way The Idle Race track does, has you hanging on for the next time round. Flutes and strings.

  • Hillcrest Club - Breakfast At Christmas

    Christmas Not Christmas. I grew up on Hillcrest Road so I feel part of Hillcrest Club. Bass is squiggling all over the place.

  • The Beach Boys - Tears In The Morning

    Heartbreaker. Bruce Johnston is singing lead rather than any of the Wilson brothers and he’s got one sweet voice. The string arrangements are quite special.

  • Silver Morning (Kenny Rankin)

    I remember buying this at Eldica in Dalston years ago. Records had to be played out loud and everyone in the shop went all soppy when this came on.

  • Monsoon - Wings Of The Dawn (Prem Kavita) - 1982

    So much atmosphere in the intro, drone and voice is all you need. If I could drive I’d hit the open road with this one firing. Bass needs turning up though.

  • Hall & Oates - When The Morning Comes

    Blue eyed soul, one eyed soul, soul is soul! Charlie Bones from NTS radio got me hooked on this. Cheers Charlie.