Audio Love #7


Pop these in your ears when you're shoveling your fifteenth portion of turkey into your gob. Good music is proven to be as least as effective as Gaviscon at curing indigestion….


Chocky – Supplier EP (Flumo)


Ive written about Chockys productions on more than one occasion now and this new 12 thats recently dropped is one of his strongest yet. Here he teams up with Spanish label Flumo, with excellent remix input from Toby Tobias and Specter and the results are well worth checking. 


The title track is a great example of him honing his sound and really doing what he does best. The whole track revolves around an incessant, looped up jazz sample with a perfectly put together, dancefloor destroying rhythm section. How Long is a Piece of String is a real contrast to the opener. This time we have a disco monster but again theres that heavy heavy beat. The remixes are absolutely spot on as well. The Supplier gets a solid 808 work over from Toby Tobias and Specter takes HLIAPOS deep into space. Fabulous. (Joe Europe)



Out now on wax


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Joey Anderson Fall Off Face (Dekmantel)


Joey Anderson is definitely an enigmatic producer. His tracks often confuse me at first and it can be a little hard to get inside them and go with them. But once youve lived with his tracks for a couple of listens they become infectious, inescapable, consuming. The guy really is a talented individual. 


This 12 on Dutch imprint Dekmantel is no exception. Opening with the at first chaotic Repulsive were treated to a head spinning synth hook. This then gives way to a sparse middle section to which he finally adds an almost French Kiss style repetitive organ stab creating a track of 3 distinct sections. Its one of the best pieces of electronic music Ive heard in a while. Repulsive is all about movement but the second track on the EP Skys Blessing is more about texture and atmosphere. A more static affair, with distant piano lines weaving in and out of airy pads and delayed vocals. Heavens Archer is much quicker than the other two. Full of pent up energy. Absolute quality!! (Joe Europe)



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SSOL – SSOL 01 Disco Records


Not much info on this one. Its a two track 12 with a brace of rough, sample-tastic rough-disco dancefloor stonkers and theyre brutally effective if booty shaking is what youre after. All thats on the label is a kind of pastiche of the Salsoul logo so Im presuming that the SSOL name is derived from the aforementioned. Also the promising 01 bit hopefully means theres more to come. (Joe Europe)


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Merwyn & Inkswel Eternal Freedom Hot Shot Sounds


Original Virgo Four member Merwyn Sanders resurfaces with this collaboration with Inkswel on this excellent machine-soul EP. Cementing his solo-reputation and sadly missed vital contribution to V4, Merwyn's vocals rise up on the three original tracks, providing inspiring embellishment. On the beats side, Inkswel's B-boy aesthetic is worn proudly on his sleeve with a range of ominous strut-funk, easy-sliding chill-jam and breezy wonk-hop all evident and providing a solid A to the 12" that. It's over on the flip that the crowning track emerges with Linkwood remixing Eternal Freedom into a massive deep-fried boogie house number, keeping the the hip-hop vibe alive but lacing it with extra heads-down heaviness. Gifted & Blessed also turns in a smooth interpretation, with clatter-snares, yearning vox snips and soaring keys overlaying a tuba-tastic bass. (Joe Bonez)




Route 8 Eleda EP Nous Disques


Fresh talent alert! Route 8 is a new producer to emerge from Budapest's oft ignored, small underground scene and with only a couple of releases and remixes to his name he's yet to be recognised widely for his stripped down, eerie depth-of-the-night deep techno. Releasing his first solo EP on the Greek label du jour Nous may change all that though. Machine-driven, industrialized post-Detroitism is the name of game on this EP, with his favorite piece of kit, the 707, providing the percussive force. The haunting keys and cosmic pads of Memory Disorders and Waving Goodbye provide subtly, a small amount of Budapest's synchopated breakbeat obsession shines through on C19 and Erase Dub comes across like end-of-the-world house (of the technoid variety). If you're thinking that this EP sounds a bit maudlin, DJ DT89's remix addresses that with a big, distorted kick smashing the ball into the big-room stomper park. (Joe Bonez)


Wil's one-liners…

Sybiann – Cosmic Favela
Gold is not a paper. Superb slice from the Italian Sybiann. Psych-electronics. If Avery isn't playing this already my name's Beatrice.

Jamie Paton – Bizarre Feeling – Emotional (Especial)
Paton's New Order homage is just that and more. ?Amazing record.

Erotic Dissidents – Move Your Ass And Feel The Beat
Can't remember who turned me onto this recently but it's fucking ace. That's it really. 


Principal Participant – Particles
Missed this a few months back from the split personality of the ever excellent Minotaur Shock aka David Edwards . The whole album's well worth your hard earned pennies… specially at that price too!