audio love #5


Iori Wave/Spatiotemporal (Phonica White)


Phonica drop another in their White series with a new track Wave from Iori. Alongside this we have two remixes of his earlier tracks with a Vrill rework of Spatiotemporal from Phonica White #3 and Raimo remixing Spread. The result is a 3 track 12 of tasty but understated dancefloor electronics.


Wave chugs away moodily for almost 9 minutes taking up one whole side of the 12. This gives time for the subtle sonic changes to take effect.  On the flip we get started with the Vrill mix of Spatiotemporal which believe it or not is in the spell checker. This is the pick of the bunch for me, with deliciously tick textures and a real impetus to the track as a whole. Finally the Raimo remix of Spread is a lighter affair than the previous two, with a more open and spacious aesthetic. All in all a very pleasing EP. (Joe Europe)


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Skudge Irie/Faux (Skudge)


This two tracker from the Sweedish duo Skudge is all you would expect of these guys. Perfectly paced, wonky, analogue techno for the dancefloor. Their work always has their own stamp with their very particular blend veering ever so slightly into electro or bass but still keeping that straight up, head down aesthetic. Quality. (Joe Europe)


Out now on wax

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Recloose Its too Late EP (Delusions of Grandeur)


Ive been a huge fan of the don from down under that is Recloose since hearing his first album Hiatus on the Horizon. Its fair to say that hes spread his creative wings pretty broad working with the likes of Rush Hour and Planet E alongside his more funk/jazz infused works. Hes recently teamed up with Jimpsters Delusions of Grandeur and this is his second EP to drop with them. 


The result is 3 tracks of upbeat, party house music and its definitely of high quality. Each track has sufficient funk and swagger and Ill be playing all three to be sure. Id like to take this opportunity to officially request another full album however. This guys got so much to offer. If you could have it ready within the next few weeks Mr. Recloose that would be marvelous. Thanks. (Joe Europe)


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