Audio Love 4.9.14


New York Endless – Strategies EP (Golf Channel)

You all know I’m a big fan of Golf Channel. Who isn’t? And it’s been a busy time for them recently with two excellent Mind Fair EPs touching down recently and now another pair of releases set to drop right about now. The two latest offerings consist of a fantastic lesson in cosmic chug from Dr Dunks and Rhythm Odyssey (which you should definitely check out) but it’s the Strategies EP from New York Endless that I’m picking to waffle on about here.

New York Endless is definitely not a household name but he’s been a key part of the NY music scene for some 20 years. That said, he’s waited until now to let loose his music on the world and maybe it’s the long gestation period that makes the quality so high. The three tracker opens with “A Consultants Agreement” which is a strange but colorful sonic excursion. A slow builder, this track is light and floaty with wandering synths overlaying a simple drum machine beat. “Scale Those Heights” is the most body moving number of the three, with a solid bassline, weighty beat and slowly building cacophony of pleasant arpeggios. Finally “Benefits Arrive (Life Goes On) has a more laid back but wistful feel to it. Three quality tracks. This is an excellent record. 

Wax only – pre order here


Semerka – Triptych EP (Bokhari)

Bokhari reach the big ten oh with this excellent offering from Semerka. The "Triptych EP" is just about as perfect a match for Bokhari as you can get. Deep, dubby house music, with a slight leaning towards dusty old machines and analogue sensibilities but in no way backward looking musically or aesthetically. There are two original excursions from Semerka plus a quality remix from the label owners Paul and Angus under their Dorylus moniker. But as ever with these guys it's not just about the music. This wax comes with a fantastically designed cover and the label use a different artist or illustrator for each release.
Highly recommended.


E – 00/00/0000 (Deep Moves)

Berlin’s Deep Moves is an excellent label and have put out some very classy material that doesn’t just stick to one narrow genre but pushes high quality underground electronics across the board. They bring up their 10th release with a cryptically titled EP from the mysteriously named E. I’m not going to make any drug references. Or Yorkshire references. All I’m going to say is this is a cracking excursion into deep, heavily textured techno and I highly recommend it.




Son of Sound – True Indeed EP (Local Talk)

The Swedish Local Talk imprint is a bit of a powerhouse when it comes to solid, underground house music and y’all know I’m a fan. This is their 51st release and sees them team up with  proper New York veteran Son of Sound who’s various previous projects have seen him grace Strictly Rhythm and MAW Records.  So this latest offering is a four tracker of warm, groovy as fuck house music of the highest order with an ace Cuthead remix thrown in for good measure. Top quality groovers all the way.

Out 5th September on wax and digi


Wil's One (or more) Liners…

John Talabot – Without You (Villette Remixxx)

"You frequently feature some really cool electronic music on your website so I wanted to send you a remix I made for John Talabot’s Without You…" Flattery will get you everywhere Sine aka Villette. You've turned in a cracker here too. Great work. "A very talented illustrator friend from Turkey, Ayliz Ozturk, prepared the artwork. She specializes in zentangle and her work has previously been praised by the likes of Moderat. You can find her work samples here" Great let's include that too then. 

Vidal Benjamin presente Disco Sympathie 7" – Versatile

Limited edition 7′ of Vidal Benjamin presente Disco Sympathie Edith Sampler – Jeff Lasson of Get A Room! on the A and Jean-Marc Misère on the flip.

Sunny Graves – Bayou EP –

You know me… can't keep up these days. This was out a while back… but who cares. Get this wonderful wall of noise on please…  

Trevino – Trevino EP

Wicked EP from Trevino. I'm going for Warmer on here… no SC's so you'll have to make do with the less than sexy Juno player below…