Audio Love 4.6.15


Duckett – Coffee, Women and Skits Part 1 (Until My Heart Stops)

Until My Heart Stops (or "until me ticker conks" as they're known in Yorkshire) are on a roll and no mistake. They've just teamed up with fellow Freerotation resident Duckett for this very fine two part EP and it's well worth checking out. What we have here are four tracks of dense, drizzly techno of the highest order which fit the UMHS aesthetic perfectly whilst still being a nice contrast from the effortless, laid back funk of the recent Arnaldo release.

The EP opens up with "Crappop" which is a tense and churning excursion. Next up is "Blackbody Radiation" which is a gorgeous fuzzy mess of texture and rhythm. Over on the flip the mood lightens with the washing pads of the excellently named "Valentines Day is for Animals" and then rounding things off is the lovely, meandering "Naked and Fearless". With variety and intensity, this EP is a fucking corker and no mistake and is well worth grabbing.

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DCNT – Powermonger EP (Platte International)

Pretty much every time I hear a record by Franklin De Costa (AKA DCNT) I’m absolutely blown away. Not in any way related to the disappointing coffee chain, Franklin has been dropping out of this world techno and house under his own name, DCNT, Mudkid and a handful of other monikers for a fair while now and it beats me as to why he’s not more of a household name. It might be his non-compromising ethic and, weird and challenging aesthetic but this is always tempered by his excellent ear for a banger and his knowledge of what works ‘pon the floor which, for me, is just about the perfect combination.

This latest 12” that’s just dropped on Berlin Label Platte International shows off this meeting of the weird and the accessible perfectly. Kicking things off we have “Slew Mountain” which is all centred around a ravey piano lick and from the off you expect this to turn into a massive, over cooked, banger but everything remains tightly reined in with just the right amount of oomf. Next up is “Disroot” which is a cracking, chuggy groover and the darkest of the bunch. Finally, over on the flip we have “Powermonger” which is the pick of the bunch for me. Weird and churning dub house but with a such a lovely groove I could dance to it all night. Peachy.

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Chocky – Secret Voyages (Secret Reels)

Chocky is a bit of a fucking dude to be fair. Hailing from the East Midlands (eh up me duck) he’s been quietly putting out release after release of high quality, understated house music with real soul for a few years now. This current 12” comes courtesy of the fledgling Secret Reels imprint who are now on their 3rd release and the upshot is 4 tracks of slow burning, heads down house music that have a real warmth to them.

The title track is low-key and unassuming but it’s actually a real mover. Next up “Know” is again understated but this time Chocky adds a nice bit of weight behind the groove to create a chunky yet chilled masterpiece. Over on the flip we’ve got a sweet Paxton Fettel mix (this fucker is turning up everywhere these days!) and finally “Lick it” which is the moodiest of the lot. I love it when he gets angry! Great release from a great artist. Great!

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Clip – Brotherhood EP (Fina White)

The excellent Fina records have just dropped another nugget of quality techno on their White offshoot and it’s a beaut and no mistake. Warm, driving dancefloor goodness of the highest order. We swing from the lush, washing chords of “R36” to the broken techno of “Forward” to the moody masterpiece of “Dissonance’s Technique”. Well worth checking out.

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