audio love 004 -2014


This week we're shorn of our usual Audio Love captain Joe Europe, so Wil and Joe (another Joe, there's many) have been forced to get off their lazy arses and actually write about music they like….


Roland Young – Hearsay I-land (Palto Fats) 


Classically trained jazz clarinetist who worked with Alice Coltrane gets hold of 808 drum machine and synthesizers in mid 1980s, makes otherworldly weirded out lo-fidelity funk LP, wins the music world cup, the end. (Joe Evans)


Out now on Vinyl on Palto Fats, buy and listen over here.


Seven Davis Jr – P.A.R.T.Y (Apron)


'It's Okay, I know you like to P.A.R.T.Y'  

Forthcoming on Apron, Seven Davis Jr goes in for his most Minneapolis sounding track yet, and my favourite of his to date. Skip to the 28 minute mark of Funkineven's latest Apron show on NTS to hear the funk in all it's glory (or just listen to the whole show, it's good). (Joe Evans)



Hashman Deejay – Tangerine (Future Times)


Future Times poach Mood Hutter and half of Aquarian Foundation Hashman Deejay for a continuation in the shonky house cannon that Mood Hut and their affiliates are slowly making their own. A Side Tangerine is a banger, B side Orbis Tertius is better still. It's in the drum programming, like Moon B and the rest of these lot – the drums rarely become as dependent on the 4/4 pulse of the kick drum as most house and techno does, and as a result the tracks feel refreshingly between-genres, rather than rooted in some tired old formulaic trope. Good stuff. (Joe Evans)



Wil's One Liners.

Young Tee – The Way You Kiss
Vocals stray so close to being a massive cheeseathon but Mr Goddard pulls it back from the brink of hip-house trance. Sexy time. 

Audio – Sky (Daniel Avery remix)
Absurdly great remix of Matthew Dear from the man like Avery. Ascendant splendour.