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Jaures – Tsoyberbarg (Die Orakel)


Frankfurt based Die Orakel are now on their 3rd release and I’ve reviewed all three so far! That makes me a bit of a fan boy then I reckon but that’s no bad thing. This current offering from Jaures sums up the labels’ aesthetic perfectly; it’s weird, unnerving, expertly produced, thickly textured but still perfect for the dancefloor.


We open with “Tsoyberbarg Pt. 1” and Jaures sets things up beautifully with a lovely round kick drum, some strange noises coming in and out and a wonderfully bouncy breakbeat that keeps chopping in here and there. The track is a great mix of dancefloor bounce and atmospheric weirdness. On the flipside we’ve got part 2 of “Tsoyberbarg” which is much more techno orientated, building in a most pleasing manner. Finally we’ve got the more broken and abstract number of “L.M.” Very strong from one of my favourite labels of the moment. Get on it!!


(p.s. I think you get a special prize if you can pronounce the name after 6 gin and tonics but I could be wrong)


Out end of June on wax



Radio Slave – Werk (Work Them Records)


The partnership between Radio Slave and Spencer Parker’s Work Them Records is proving to be a very fruitful one I must say. This is the second release for Radio Slave on the imprint and it’s raw, relentless, jackin techno.  


Werk is a stripped back, heads down number, but in an understated way. We’ve just got a deep as deep can be kick, a hi hat, a ride and a repetitive “Werk!” vocal sample that you bet is going to worm it’s way into the minds of everyone on the dancefloor as they go like crazy. On the flip we’ve got “Jus Werk” (and yep – that’s what the sample says through out) which all focuses around a weird little wiggly synth line and again that deep deep kick drum. This time it’s a little less relentless that the A side but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Oh and we’ve got little acapellas of the vocal samples to boot. High grade shit as ever from these guys.


Out imminently on wax




Various – RMX002 (Midnight Shift)


The Singapore based Midnight Shift records are currently working on a series of remixes and this second installment is excellent and definitely worth checking out. First up on this two tracker Juju and Jordash have a crack at Terrance Parker’s recent release “It Hurts”. They take the original and move things into more broken and eerie territory, whilst retaining its warmth and openness. We still have the pianos in play but just the odd lick here and there. I actually think it’s a better version that the original but that’s just my taste. Next up Eddie Niguel delivers a very pleasing remix of Iron Curtis’ “Never Give Up”. Stylistically it doesn’t differ as much from the original as the JJ&JD mix of TP but it’s still an excellent track and I’ll definitely be turning to it when I want some moody, driving, deep techno. 


Out 9th June on wax and digi




DJ Sprinkles – Midtown 120 Blues (Comatonse)


Ok I can’t let this go unmentioned. DJ Sprinkles seminal album Midtown 120 Blues that first landed on Mule Musiq back in 2009 has just been re-issued and I strongly recommend people grabbing a copy while it’s available. The original CD album was going for absolute silly money on Discogs (I just found someone trying to sell it for £500+ on Amazon for fucks sake!) and so it’s a relief to be able to grab this at a reasonable price but the expense/bargain aspect of this isn’t why it’s worth grabbing. It’s worth grabbing because you will not hear a more heartfelt, introspective and honest personal journey into what house music means to one individual as this album.


Out now on CD


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Q . – Sorry – Unsigned

This landed in our inbox on Monday morning: "Because I like what you are doing I would like to know what you think about my track" I tell you what I think about it mate, it's ace and someone should sign it… right now. With time I think you will be a most excellent producer. That's what I think. Wil