Audio Love 30.9.16


Steevio & Russ Gabriel – ROG1 (Rivers of Groove)

Rivers of Groove is a brand new label and, if their first release is anything to go by, it’s going to be one to watch for sure. Their first release sees them bringing together two consummate talents for a two track 12” of bouncing, club techno of the highest order.

I don’t have enough good words to say about the Freerotation founder Steevio. His productions are always on point and his live set are just second to none. I’ve said this before but I think the current trend for modular techno produces a lot of boring squiggle music but please file Steevio separately. His tracks, and his live show, are so warm, bouncey and groove focused it’s untrue and “Feral Pulses” doesn’t disappoint one bit. Focused around a lovely rounded kick drum, the groove just rocks away, punctuated by discordant yet pleasant licks and warbles here and there. Pure class. Over on the flip Russ Gabriel’s “Natural Progression” is a more understated affair but still very nice in its own right.


Bedouin Tracks Come to Bandcamp

Bedouin Tracks is a fantastic label focusing on way-out electronic music that really transports you somewhere. Their output veers from the immersive ambient work of Ryo Murakami to the jarring techno of Hieroglyphic Being to the mangled electro-funk of Bintus and the artwork is always beautiful. They’ve recently put their entire catalogue on Bandcamp for people who like to buy their digi bangers direct from the source and support labels without feeding the middle man. There’s some genuinely brilliant music in there so take a peek for yourself if you’re not already familiar with the label. I’ve picked out a release by the aforementioned Bintus as an example but head to their page for the full story.

Check HERE 

Planetary Assault Systems – Arc Angel (Ostgut Ton)

Under his Planetary Assault Systems alias, Luke Slater has been responsible for some of the best examples of the techno long player out there. It’s a format that can seem a bit pointless when it comes to functional loop based music but when done well a techno LP can be a beautiful thing. Just check Frequencies by LFO or Archive One by Dave Clarke for starters. Mr Slater has just dropped his 6th album, almost 20 years after his first, via Ostgut and it’s fucking brilliant. He plays with atmosphere, texture and vibe as he weaves between ambient numbers and unhinged yet groove laced techno. I strongly advise you check this out.


Hieroglyphic Being Presents Analogous Doom – Living in A Zome EP (Mathematics)

Ok I’m going to let the music do the talking with this one. Mathematics in full effect with some beautiful electro goodness. Listen. Absorb. Repeat.



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