Audio Love 30.7.15


Florian Kupfer – Explora (Technicolour)

Since he burst onto the scene in 2013 Florian Kupfer has had an impressive output; racking up a slew of releases on L.I.E.S., Russian Torrent Versions and plenty of other imprints. He’s just dropped another hard hitting EP, this time on the Ninja Tune affiliate Technicolour, and it has all of the quality you would expect.

We kick off with 'Explora (Slave)' which is a stark, churning techno bomb. It’s still at a sensible enough tempo to give everything space to breath though, which is nice. Next up 'Head Piece' is an excursion into mangled, industrial territory that pushes the distortion just enough to fry your head but not so far as to ruin the menacing atmosphere that he builds up which is so often the case. Then we have 'Brute Force' which is possibly my pick of the bunch. The track builds a lovely, brooding expectancy underpinned by a nice, steady 909 pulse. Finally 'Shpel' brings us back into weird industrial territory but just after munching a handful of tamazapam. Cracking release.

Out now on wax.

Gerry Read – Samurai Thunder (Limited Jobby)

When Gerry Read is on form he’s fucking sublime. He’s just quietly dropped this 100 press nugget entitled 'Samurai Thunder' and it’s fucking bonkers. Fast paced, manic drums underpinning hectic disco sampling and chipmunk vocals. It sounds like it should be awful but it’s just on the right side of awesome. I have two problems with it, however. The first is the single sided wax. If Gerry needed something to fill the other side all he need do is ask. Second; 100 copies? Anyway, enough of me grumbling about intentional scarcity, definitely worth grabbing while copies are still out there.

Out now on wax

El Nino – No Boogie Nights (Jackie Brown)

This is a lovely 7 track 12” EP from the up and coming Croatian-based label Jackie Brown. It’s been out a little while so I’m late picking up on this but it’s well worth picking up a copy as there are still some knocking around.

El Nino definitely packs as many tracks as he can onto this release, giving us a lovely selection of low-fi, sample driven house cuts and they’re all rather good. Stand out tracks include 'Thieves in the Night' and rolling funk of 'Odds Against Tomorrow' but they’re all pretty darned good. Promising stuff from this fledgling label. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys in the future.

Out now on wax 

Finally – I'm just going to drop this in at the bottom here…