Audio Love 30.01.15


DJ Bone – Differ-Ent (Don’t Be Afraid)

DJ Bone has long been a hero of mine. I must have been around 18 or 19 when my mate played me his Peel session and it completely blew me away. Then came his DJ Bone Attacks series of mixes, which I’d wait for each week with brimming anticipation. He’d start each week getting on the mic laying out his agenda and then unleashing an hour of pure funk drenched Detroit goodness. I remember the one where he kicked off with Outkast’s “Bombs Over Bagdad” mixing a ripping techno beat over the top. Pure hype. Then came my fascination with his Subject Detroit imprint, which was the perfect outlet for his uncompromising brand of dancefloor goodness.

So it caused me great excitement to see him teaming up with a couple of UK based labels recently; firstly with Leftroom for his excellent “Cultural Variance” and now with the fantastic “Don’t Be Afraid” for his new Differ-Ent project. This latest offering, that dropped on the 22nd Jan, is a little heavier than we’re use to from him recently but it’s pure quality. On one side we have “Differ-Ent (Ity)” which is a pounding rhythm track with an unrelenting high hat that doesn’t quit. All that punctuates this is a few moody chords and some constant rhythmic noise over the top. Over on the flip we’ve got “Differ-Ent(Hrall)” which is lighter but equally hypnotic, with lovely repetitive harps interspaced with abrupt strings. Top form from one of Detroit’s finest.

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DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa – Genetically Modified Tracks (Killekill)

Two big favourites of mine DJ Spider and Franklin De Costa have teamed up for this awesome release on Berlin label Killekill and I highly recommend you check it out.

We kick off with “Second Bass” which is abrupt and jarring but still with an inescapable groove to it. I love the mix of pure dirt and pure funk. There are some lovely sounds that sound like bombs dropping on some hectic early 90s arcade shoot-em-up which is a nice touch. Next up is “Consume” which is a droning banger with a great sample repeating, “It came without warning – like nothing on this earth” with a lovely “fingers down the blackboard” flanger on it. It’s all immediate and upfront. Finishing off the proceedings is “Coffee Break” which is the most austere of the three, like some menacing b-movie monster. Pure quality!

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Various Artists – Ghetto Madness (Strut)

If you want a detailed, well-informed history of Dance Mania then my fellow Ransomnoters Miles Simpson or Aiden D’Araujo are your men. Even though I love them I wouldn’t class myself as a connoisseur. But, that said, the label will always hold a special place in my heart. I first heard Dance Mania stuff via the same buddy who played me the DJ Bone Peel Session mentioned above. We used to DJ together back in my murky Shropshire rave days and he always used to crack out the DJ Funk or the Jammin Gerald. In fact one of our trademark mixes was Block Party by DJ Gregory with “Shake What Ya Mamma Gave Ya” by Funk layered over the top (youtube em). Imagine that in a field in the middle of nowhere when you’re off your nut. Delinquent rural youth culture.

So the recent revival of their back catalogue has been a very good thing in my eyes and this latest Strut comp is no exception. This collection focuses on the rawer, more ghetto (obviously) side of their catalogue and it brings back fond memories. The big ones like Jammin Gerald’s “Pump That Shit” are obvious hits but DJ Deeon’s 1112 is a new revelation for me. This is definitely not a pointless reboot and it’s well worth checking out. Even just for the prophetic “where is my balloon – I’m so high” lyrics of Paul Johnson’s “Give me Ecstasy”. Quality.

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Wil's One Liners…

Creta Kano – Skyway Motel EP – Happy Skull

All about the mighty Kelly Twins Happy Skull label's 6th release from Creta Kano for me this week. Skyway Motel is the fire in my belly this week. 

“raw machine music with colour, melody, and soul”