Audio Love 28.5.15


Paxton Fettel – Everything Stays the Same (Greta Cottage Workshop)

Gretta Cottage Workshop, and the Danish dream boat Paxton Fettel, are two of my favourite things right now and this lovely album is excellent proof as to why. GCW operate out of Devon and have been leading a muted charge in innovative, understated, slightly wonky dance music that always works ‘pon the floor but has its heart deeply rooted in blissed out headphone exploration. Paxton has been a long time collaborator with the label and it feels like everything has been building up to this LP which has finally dropped on wax.

So what’s it like? Bloody brilliant that’s what it’s like. Eight tracks of sumptuously produced, slow burning, warm, fuzzy house music. Paxton is a dab hand on the keys and this shows through on lots of the tracks, with low key but effortless playing. The music is not consciously “cool” and doesn’t fear to be emotional, cheerful or any of the other things that a lot of today’s electronic music is not. If I had to pick highlights then “Future Adventures” with its lazily swung rhythms and laissez fair attitude or “Amber Light Burns” that somehow manages to be euphoric and laid back at the same time.

Out now on wax and digi

FYI Chris – Back in the Millennium (Rhythm Section)

Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section are on fire at the moment with the releases coming thick and fast. This latest 12” comes courtesy of local boys FYI Chris whose surnames Coupe and Watson sound like a pair of overweight,  unshaven, hard hitting cops from a 70s TV show. Working together in the Peckham record shop Rye Wax the pair have been writing some exceptionally good, weird yet playable house music and I predict big things for them (yep – eating disorders for both).

The EP kicks off with the title track and it’s a slightly edgy and disjointed number that’s all held together by a healthy dose of sub bass. When it all strips back and you’ve just got a kick, that sub and the cheeky little sax it’s actually quite beautiful. Next up “Dedication” is possibly my favourite of the bunch. It’s a low key acid builder with lovely, spacious strings and an intensity that warms up subtly over the five or so minutes. Over on the flip we have “Jeru” which is a low slung thumper with a properly broken rhythm. Last up “Need I Say More” has the most drama of the four. It’s a lovely, atmospheric jam and it rounds off a truly impressive release from these guys. Remember  – eating disorders.

Out now on wax – apparently it’s selling like poop off a trowel so grab it quick 

D-Knox – Out There (EPM)

This is an excellent little stinger from EMP records, coming courtesy of Michigan resident D-Knox. I’m not going to bullshit and say that I’ve been a huge fan of this underground artist for years and years. I’ve just stumbled upon him via this very fine release on EPM, a label I check regularly. But, doing a bit of research, it turns out he has fucking impressive back catalogue, with most of his stuff being released via his own Sonic Mind imprint. I can tell my PayPal and Discogs accounts are going to be getting a hammering in the weeks to come.

Back to the release in question and it’s a very fine slice of dance music, and with a strong remix from the maestro Dan Curtin. This isn’t mad crazy, boom bash music but deep, intense and grooving techno. Excellent stuff.

Out soon on wax