Audio Love 27.4.16


Onirik – Arvos Flight EP (Garage Hermetique)

The Belgian artist Onirik has co-run the Finest Hour imprint since 2013 and they've put out some quality music in that time. Now he's starting a new venture under the name of Garage Hermetique which, if this first release is anyting to go by this will definitely be a label to watch out for. Taking its name from the Belgian comic book of the same name you'd expect their output to shun the well trodden path and you won't be dissapointed.

We kick off with the title track which is in no rush to put its cards on the table. Slowly evolving, this number mixes brooding vibes with half heard atmospheres and sparse yet purposeful rhythms. I love the fact that Onirik gives this track plenty of space to breath. Over on the flip we're into dancefloor territory with “Alpha Technauri”. Here we have eerie pads over a solid beat that is lifted by a subtle but groovy bassline. Nothing over the top here, but it will definitely make you move. Finally we round things off with “Universal Repairs” which is a broken and disjointed number with clattering high hats and unhinged pads. All in all this is a great first release from what looks to be a promising new label.


Bruce – The Trouble With Wilderness (Idle Hands)

Hot on the heels of his awesome release on Hessle, Bruce has just dropped a hum-dinger on the Bristol institution that is Idle Hands. The record shop come record label has a string of excellent releases so far and this latest offering is one of the best yet. Lighter in feel to the Hessle 12” we have smooth dancefloor goodness in the form of the title track, drizzly atmospherics in “Waves (for Yasmin)" and the luscious, blissful chords of “Summers Gotta End Some Time” rounds things off perfectly. This guy is a don.


Aubrey – Floating Point 7 (Ferox)

The Ferox label is an old name in techno. After a hiatus, they started releasing again back in 2013 and have been coming out with some great records since then. This one was released back in 2014 but they've just dropped a repress and, if you missed it the first time, you should definitely check it out. I'm a huge fan of Aubrey and he's in fine form here, weaving a path through jazzy, machine driven techno. There's also a couple of worthwhile remixes on offer too from Russ Gabriel and Hans Thalau. 


Peggy Gou – Art of War Part Two (Rekids)

Peggy Gou has been very busy of late, with a string of quality releases coming thick and fast. Now she's just dropped the second part of her Art of War double EP and it's of just the same high standard as the first offering. She's very swiftly established a singular sound for herself, blending tripped out synths and dancefloor functionality. Ok I know that doesn't sound all that individual but give me a break – all this doof doof music can be hard to describe at times! There's plenty of bright colourful sounds in her pallet, and the remix from the excellent Terekke brings a welcome new slant to “When Round They Go”. This release is definitely worth checking out.