Audio Love 27.3.15


Theo Parrish – I Can Take It (Sound Signature)

I was farting around on Juno the other day and noticed that a slew of old Theo Parish records have just been repressed. Among them is his reinterpreted and ever so slightly renamed version of the Recloose and Dwele track “I Can’t Take It” that first aired back in 2000 on Planet E. I’ve long been a fan of the rework but sadly never owned the wax myself so obviously snapped it right up.

“I Can Take It” see’s Theo in a low key, slow burner, warm you till you melt kind of a mode. It’s a 10 minute jam that carefully pieces itself together as it slowly builds up layers of lazy drums. The chords, when they arrive, are beautifully dejected and, combined with the vocals, create a lovely warm melancholy that you can drown in. Over on the flip, however, the main man switches to another mode entirely. In contrast to the sultry A side,  “Sawala Sayale” is an energetic, building percussion track with interweaving African chants and great, head melting flange whooshing in and out every now and again.

Also re-surfacing in this current batch of represses are “Sons of Osiris”, “Lights Down Low” and “The 1987 EP” which also features Leon Carson. I’d buy them all but I kind of want to eat this month too.

Out now on wax

Manse – A Slap in the Face of Public Taste (Lobster Theremin)

Lobster Theremin have, let’s face it, released some excellent music in the short time they’ve been operational and this latest, brilliantly named offering is up to the usual high standards. Manse has previously worked with the excellent Opal Tapes and this outing on LT is frantically warped, and generally stomach destroying techno at its best.

We kick off with “Sky Remit” which is an unrelenting, fast paced jam with a big, warehouse feel to it. Next up the title track all hinges around a demented, pitched drum machine tom-tom that’s distorted to fuck and just keeps banging away. Finally “Kleptomaniac” is an imposing industrial number with a weird churning bottom end that’s immensely pleasing. All excellent, energetic stuff and well worth checking out when it drops in April.

Out soon on wax

Various Artists – Universal EP (Charmin)

The new and very promising Charmin Records hails from Haldensleben in East Germany which, apparently is 584 miles from London (aprox 10hrs by car not including ferry crossing from Dover to Calais). This third release brings together label boss Florist, Stanley Schmidt, Matt Thibideau and Billy Dalassendro and is their most stylistically diverse to date. The 4 tracker weaves its way through weird, fuzzy techno, deep, spacious house and wild, churning acid and is well worth checking out. For me the two stand out tracks are Matt’s “Solar Flares” and Stanley’s “Something to Be” but there’s definitely something for everyone in here. Great release. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys in the future.

Out now soon wax  

Errors – Mr Mill

Well if Europe's allowed an old record then so can I… it's got a thread to this anyway. Errors have a new album out shortly but I've not been privvy to it as yet. Still I'm sure it's great. So I went back to this ace-ity… plus they're playing at Field Day on the Sunday this year. So that's nice then.

Oh hang on… I do like something new.
Talabot's Synthedit of his Machine track's ace… Mcquaid in the office was like "great record, I'd be bored of it in a club tho." Potentially true.