Audio Love 25.9.14


DJ October – Gate 2 Yesterday (Skudge)

For me October has been one of the most consistently inspiring techno artists of recent years and also Skudge has been one of the most solid techno labels. So yeah, I’m excited about this one. The Skudge-October combo has proved fruitful in the past (check out Push from a couple of years back which was fucking brilliant) and this latest offering is up to the same standards.

This EP is much less muscular than “Push”, heading into more brooding and atmospheric territory. “Jaffa” is a bit of a creeper, with a nice little call and response thing going on between the two main synth percussion elements and then a wonderful, moaning string part that’s just fantastic. “Gate 2 Yesterday” has a lot more oompf to it; chugging away with snare rolls and a repetitive synth line the kind of which always takes me back to early Dave Clarke. Best techno release I’ve heard for a good while.

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Al Dobson Jr – Rye Lane Versions (Rhythm Section International)

Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section has become a bit of a Peckham institution over the past few years. Started in 2009 there have been many a joyful, sweat covered night of quality music in Canavan’s Pool Hall at the bottom (or top?) of Rye Lane. Now they’ve made the next logical step and started a label. Not wanting to do things by halves they kicked off with a mini-LP from fellow Peckham resident Al Dobson Junior, and it was a wonderful excursion taking in an impressive amount of musical scenery both effortlessly and expertly.

So RS and ADJ are ready with release number two which is on the surface a remix release but we all know they can be a bit naff. So the guys have taken two tracks that weren’t on the original LP and got Ptaki and Ruff Dug involved on the reworks. The results are fucking brilliant. As far as the originals go, “Santiago Black” is a lovey, loose percussive number whilst “Kirton Street” goes into full-on-chopped-up-boogie-sample-mode which, is one of my favourite modes. The Ptaki version of “Santiago Black” takes the original and weaves it into a low slung, piano-tastic house chugger. Finally Ruf Dug turns out an exceptionally strong version of “Kirton Street” which is a broken affair with squelchy bass that’s heavy as fuck and lovely distorted chords pinging off left right and centre.

This is a cracking release which is going to be getting some heavy play from me.

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Dachshund – Towards Others EP (Vitalik)

I really can’t think of a better match than Dachshund and Vitalik. The Swiss has always had a gift for producing exceptionally well crafted, deep house music that veers from the darker end of the spectrum to the lush and warm end. The same too goes for Vitalik. This latest collaboration between the two takes a tour through both moody, heads down territory and also warm and heartfelt vibes.  There’s also a cracking Amir Alexander mix of “Mmmmm” in which Amir subtly veers things towards his own slightly rougher, more erratic sound. This is one for the head nodders. 

Out now on wax  and  digital  

Community Corporation – Aquifer EP (Argot)

Release number 11 from Steve Mizek’s excellent Argot and this time it’s by Detroit resident Community Corporation. I’ve not heard of this guy or girl before (and let’s face it you’re nobody if you haven’t made it onto MY radar) but from what we’ve got here I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled in the future. The EP consists of 4 jams that have a slightly disjointed feel, with everything almost falling into a perfect groove but there’s always some element breaking things up not allowing you to get too comfortable. I think that’s what I like so much about it. “Chrystalis” is an absolute beaut.



Wil's One Liners…

Gidge – You – Atomnation

Making that horrible culture of auto-tuned emotive vocals good again. Well done Atomnation for releasing great stuff again. Great ears. 

Gala Drop – Sun Gun

Too much Golf Channel related good shit at the moment to know what to do with!