Audio Love 23.7.14


Seven Davis Jr – Friends EP (Classic Music Company)

Now here’s a powerful combination if ever I saw one. Seven Davis JR has released some ridiculously strong records over the last couple of years and so it’s very fitting for him to team up with Classic – a label that’s probably the reason why a lot of us are doing what we’re doing today.

So Mr Davis JR treats us to three tracks here “Friends”, “Beautiful” and a live version of his absolutely amazing “One” that he dropped a year or so ago on Must Have Music and they’re all as strong as ever. “Friends” is funky as fook, but in a pent up way. Always feeling like it wants to break out but never quite letting loose. It’s all about the expectation. “Beautiful” is a faster paced jam, proper bumpity bump rhythm, quality groove. Class. Finally the live version of “One” doesn’t really do much that the original didn’t, it’s a little rougher round the edges as you’d expect, but that’s no bad thing at all. It was a bomb first time around and it’s still a bomb now. Lovely artwork too. Great record.

Out on wax here 

Here’s the original of “One” to get you in the mood.



ESA – Roots EP (Burek)

Burek – where have you been guys? Oh, setting up a new techno offshoot called Barba. Fairdoos – I’ll let you off then. It seems like a while since there’s been anything from one of my favs Burek and so I was chuffed to see ESA’s second on the imprint popping up in my inbox the other day.

ESA’s first EP for Burek exactly a year ago was cracking and this is no different. Over the course of the 4 tracks we meander from the warmth of “Time of Planck”, to the laid back “Paradox Jaz” to the spacy “Placid Universe” and finally the darker but still lush “Drama Queen”. This production on this EP drips quality and the sound pallet, whilst warm and open always keeps something a bit off kilter in there to keep things interesting.

Coming soon on wax 



Various Artists – I’m starting to Feel OK  Vol 6 (Mule Musiq)

Mule Musiq have always been light years ahead of the rest and now the Japanese imprint is celebrating their 10th year in the game with this excellent compilation. Loads of amazing tracks on here from the likes of Axel Boman, Mat Karmil, Julius Steinhoff, Just Ed, Fred P; the lot. All showcasing that idiosyncratic sound that the Mule is so rightly respected for.

There’s a double vinyl and an even more comprehensive CD but I’ve obviously gone for the vinyl option because I’m raw and authentic like that. So many highlights to pick from but I’d have to say the floaty, blissed out number by Axel Boman put’s a big smile on my face.

Out now on the aforementioned formats



Fabien Dalzin – La Visite (Du Timide)

Woah, this is a little beauty unearthed from last year by the cohort. What an ethereal piece of magic and wonder! Free download too. Get this in your ears!