Audio Love 23.10.15


Basic Soul Unit – Under the Same Sky (Dekmantel)

Toronto has always been a hugely fertile ground for electronic music and noone demonstrates this more emphatically than Stuart Li. Born in Hong Kong, Li has been a resident of the city atop lake Ontario for many years and the seepage of electronic music across the lakes from Chicago and Detroit infected his hometown from very early on. He’s often been a go to producer for me when it comes to inspiration. Always working strongly within the confines of the genres that we’re all trying to explore but always leaving his own, unmistakable imprint on whatever he comes out with.

He’s recently dropped his second long player, this time with the currently unstoppable Dekmantel. Less melodic than his debut LP that came out on Still Music a couple of years ago, this is bold, robust techno and no mistake. That’s not to say it’s purely functional or lacking soul. There’s often an austere feel but that’s often quickly offset by a sparing but lush string or pad. Emotion is achieved and expressed but using the fewest brush strokes possible. This is one of the best techno albums I’ve heard in a long while!

Out soon on wax  – apparently out 16th October but can’t see it in the shops yet.

Junior – Edits from the Junior Stable (Edits from…)

Well this is rather lovely! A new edit imprint surfacing from the Rhythm Section crew has just touched down and, if this first offering is anything to go by, you’ll definitely be wanting to keep your eyes peeled for these guys in future.

We kick off with 'Junior on the Drums' which is a silky smooth funk workout. A nice extended drum intro gives way to funk bass and the creamiest Rhodes lickin you’ll here this year. Next up 'Junior Gives Thanks' is a Brazilian polyrhythmic pumper. Finally, brining the proceedings to a close is 'Ooh Junior' which is a beautifully wonky affair. Like a jazz freak out on Temazepam. Wonderful stuff.

Out now on wax 

Various Artists – Swamp Tapes 001 (Swamp Tapes)

The guys behind Bokhari Records and SORN seem to have too much time and too much good music on their hands so they’re kicking off a new tape/digital imprint to make it a hat trick. Hitting stores in the next week or so, this limited edition cassette sounds absolutely lovely. Fuzzy, warm, melting sounds and rhythms from start to finish. Definitely one to check.

Out 26th October on tape and digi.