Audio Love 23.10.14


Jay L – Together (White Label

Well this is rather good. Bristol based Jay L drops a very fine, one-sided white label of exceptionally high quality house music and you should definitely check it out. This is the perfect mix of warm, scratchy, sample lead house but with a fantastic energy and pace to it. It’s got me jumping. Support this and maybe next time there will be music on both sides of the wax. 

Out now on wax 


STL – Silent State (Smallville)

For me STL is the king of murky, down trodden house and techno and this latest release on Hamburg’s Smallville is a fine addition to his already impressive back catalogue. This is three tracks of slow, fuzzy but surprisingly bouncy goodness. Top producer on a top label. Tops off.

Out now on wax 



Damon Bell – Hue-Man Made (Meda Fury)

I’m not going to devote too many of my column inches to this one seeing as it’s already been covered by my arch rival Miles Simpson on his terrible excellent Thunder Picks a few weeks back. Usually it’s Miles calling me up in tears because I’ve got there first on another dope cut but not this time. Still, I feel duty bound to give it a mention here, as we all know about the ubiquitous “Europe Effect” that appearing in this column has on  record sales. So, if you’re as behind the game as I am, go out and grab a copy of this excellent slice of afro-escapism. This EP has colour, depth and warmth and will definitely be getting some play from me. Also make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Meda Fury in the future as it seems like a very promising new imprint. 

Out now on wax 



Various Artists – Beste Modus 04 (Beste Modus)

These guys are a new one on my radar but I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for Beste Modus releases in the future. This is their 4th wax and it showcases tracks from Diego Krause, Cinthie, Stevnaintleavn and Ed Herbst. All of which are lovely, understated, deep as fuck house and well worth checking out.

Out on wax on the 27th October so get on it.


Wil's One Liners…

D.K. – Drop – Antinote

New find from 'the ears in the office' ticker… on some French label I've never heard of by an artist I've never heard of. Detroit stylings and aural excursions a go go. Buy this.

Damon Bell – Hue-Man Made EP – Meda Fury

Just repressed so I'm allowed to post again. Pretty much my favourite record this year. All four cuts super dope aceness. Oh ffs just seen Europe's just added a post after this went up (true story). Anyway, all good. Deserving

Rob Shields – Autocalm EP 

Plinky plonky understated house niceness from Mr Shields which sounds just alright on shitty laptop speakers but beautiful, lush and warm on a proper system on a Thursday afternoon in the office. Would benefit from a bit of sunshine outside though