Audio Love 19.3.15


T. Esselle – Garibaldi EP (Wholemeal Music)

There’s a new SE London label to watch out for and it comes by the name of Wholemeal Music. Their inaugural release comes from the YAM Records co-founder Tom Esselle and it’s fucking brilliant. What’s more, there’s back up from South London institution West Norwood Cassette Library whose remix the press release states has “grafted an enormous pair of junglist balls onto it”. Lovely image. Cheers guys.

We kick off with the title track and it nicely teeters on the brink between house, broken beat and jazz; with lovely rolling drums, tasteful keys and a nice little demented repeating line that goes through the whole track, lightly frying your brain. Over on the flip is Tom’s heartfelt tribute to the 19th century Italian revolutionary general Guiseppe Garibaldi. This track focuses heavily on broken, chopped up drums with spattering of abstract chords spattered here and there. This is the killer for me from the release. Finally the afore mentioned WNCL remix with the addition of junglist testicles which adds a nice injection of diversity to the release. Faster paced, with a hectic and clattering feel, Mr Norwood definitely adds punch and weight to this package. This is a fantastic first release from what proves to be an interesting new label from saaaf of the river.

Out soon – preorder here 



Various Artists – BB07 (Black Booby)

Richard Rogers’ Black Booby label is just about to drop a limited 12” of pure, unadulterated, raw-as-fuck house music. All of this comes from a dream team made up of Gene Hunt, Farley and Sylvester and an ace remix from none other than K Alexi Shelby. Wowzers.

On the A side we’ve got two tracks from the venerable Mr Gene Hunt which come straight from dusty old DAT tapes that he’s dug up from his vaults. First up, “1015” is a raw, percussive jam which is a take on the Dion & Tony track from his 2011 “Chicago Dance Tracks” Rush Hour comp. Then we’ve got “Dr Roland” which is an ode to the TR powerhouses that were the life and soul of the early Chicago sound. Over on the flip is Terry Farley and Stuart “Stretch” Sylvester’s homage to early ghetto house. It’s big and relentless, and it’s also ace. Finally, K Alexi warps the original with his own brand of mentalness that only he really understands. This is a great release of timeless music from an all star cast and you would do well to grab a copy.

Out soon – wax only


Janis – You Can’t See Me (Tasteful Nudes)

Steve Mizek’s Chicago based Argot/Tasteful Nudes powerhouse is ready to spread some more underground love in the next month or so and first up is this rather excellent EP from Frankfurt based Janis.

The three tracker opens with “You Can’t See Me” which has an inescapable boompity groove to it as it blends nicely swung drums, cut up vocals and nice little chord licks. Next up, “Tender Love” is a more low key affair but with a very similar sound pallet to the first track. Finally, “Es Neschtle” rounds off the ep by taking us into more brooding territory but with some lovely, wistful strings that add a nice emotional layer. A consummate release. Big up.

 Out soon (end of March) on wax and digi. Watch out for a great Argot release coming soon too!