Audio Love 18.09.14


Funkineven feat. Jay Daniel – Discipline/Abyss (Apron)

Funkineven and  Jay Daniel team up for the latest offering on Apron and it’s more proof, as if we needed it, that this label is light-years ahead of the rest. It’s in keeping with the labels over all aesthetic; rough, abrasive, immediate and forward thinking. “Discipline” is a thumper, molded around a repetitive stab and a nasty, squelching bass with clattering 909 claps pinging off here and there. “Abyss” in contrast, is a sparse, beatless affair. Intermittent percussion with eerie pads and strings making it an unsettling excursion. It’s fucking great, so well worth grabbing a copy before it sells out.

Out now on wax

Joe Europe


Lazare Hoche & Malin Génie – Formes EP (LHR)

This is the 10th release on the Parisian LHR and it’s a perfect example of functional yet impeccably produced house music. It’s deep and tracky, but doesn’t rely too heavily on the tried and tested tropes that start to get on your nerves after a while. People keen on high quality dancefloor material should take heed of LHR. Big ups all round.

Out 17th October on wax only so keep your eyes peeled for this one.

Joe Europe



DZNB – Double Impace EP (Turquoise Blue)

This release is about hypnosis, it's about pads, and it's about nagging. The A-side 'Double Impact' has a kind of Chemical Brothers 'Star Guitar' feel to it… there's that unlikely – and some would argue, impossible – combination of chilled out momentum, but I stand by it as truth. Dan Curtin on remix duty takes things on a more electronic journey… like that moment to pause for breath in the middle of a Tenaglia marathon set. The B-side 'Turn Around' is a bit more Detroit. It's a similarly slow-burning experience as with the A-side, but it gets in your head. Ekkohaus' remix moves into old skool DC10 territory and gets slightly wonky. It's the sound of two days without sleep, just before the drugs run out.

Mike Boorman

Wil's One Liners…

Michael Black – Sequence From The First Rendezvous

Loopy, moody, throb, throb… hashtag smiley face.